Ultrasonic Welding Solution Provider
Proven performance | Over 15+ years of expertise
* Digital circuit system realize automatic tracking;
* Integrated with high-precise control technology;
* Intelligent management ensure quality and consistency.
Ultrasonic Metal Welder Industry Leader
Best Price | Energy Efficient | 0.1mm Accuracy
* High performance, welding yield rate guaranteed;
* Advanced process, powerful adjustment capabilities;
* Versatility and greatly reduce your production cost.
Ultrasonic Welding System Provider
Ultrasonic Generator | Transducer | Sonotrode
* Robust and reliable ultrasonic welding system;
* Widely used in ultrasonic welding,cutting, etc.;
* Can be customized for customer requirements.
Ultrasonic Food Cutter Manufacturer
Cutting System/Cutting Machine
* CE and FDA Certificated.Quality Assured;
* Fast cutting speed with high precision;
* Reliable incision, smooth cutting edge;
* Can be customized for different shapes.
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Ultrasonic Products

ultrasonic metal welder
Without flux, metal filler, external heating, etc., higher efficiency and stability.
ultrasonic plastic welding machine
Sonic welder with features of well-welding stability, fast speed, high strength, and good sealing.
ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Category
Used for soft, frozen, and cream products. Fast cutting speed, no broken edge.
Ultrasonic Welding System
Ultrasound welder parts, robust and reliable quality guarantees highly efficient welding operation.

Ultrasonic Welder for Your Project

Knmtech has focused on ultrasonic welding for more than 15 years, aiming at providing timely and qualified services to our precious clients around the world.

Provide Ultrasonic Solutions for Your Project

Before formulating an ultrasonic welding solution that meets your requirements, we will provide detailed services, including consulting, sample test welding, welding result inspection, and completing your customized solutions.

Throughout the process, we will work closely with you until the program is successfully implemented.

“Unity, integrity, harmony, benevolence", focus on providing customers with valuable ultrasonic products and services.
We will continue to provide the best service, solve problems that are often ignored and create value for global customers.
“Sustainable and permanent operation" is our vision and goal, and we will provide continuous services for customers in a long run.
Premium product
We provide high-quality ultrasonic products, which are efficient, easy to use, stable and performance meet the standards of similar brands in Europe and America.
our service
Professional and reliable suggestions within 24 hours and all the contacts and emails will be nicely responded to within 30 minutes.

About Us

Found in 2009, K&M Technologies Ltd is a one-stop solution provider in the ultrasonic business,  aiming at providing timely and qualified services to our precious clients around the world.

Customer Service
Successful Case

Ultrasonic Welding Applications

Our utrasonic technology is used for welding plastic , fabric and metal materials in different industries.
Ultrasound welding, as a connection technology, is very suitable for welding many parts of the automotive, such as interior parts, exterior parts, and nonferrous metal parts.
medical industry'
The medical products have extremely high requirements for sealing quality. Ultrasonic joining technology, as the darling of the medical device field, is being widely used.
new energy
Due to the rapid development of EVs, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is also increasing, and ultrasonic metal welding is a mature joining process suitable for the new energy industry.
The upgrading of electronic products is strong, the welding quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Ultra sonic welding can adapt to the high demand.
food industry
Food can be protected to retain its freshness by good packaging. Ultrasonic sealing and welding technology ensures tightness and durability of the seam to protect food well.
Ultra welding is a reliable connection technology, which can ensure the sealing and function of consumer products, and is suitable for welding products with complex shapes.
quality control
Our Certifications
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  • Knmtech has an experienced R&D team exploring and designing more efficient ultrasonic products for different applications.
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  • We can supply OEM service, just tell us your product details and detailed requirement for the ultrasonic solutions.
  • Usually, goods will be sent by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FedEx), ensure that you can receive the goods as soon as possible.
    fast delivery
    Fast Delivery
  • Our warranty is one year for machines and 3 months warranty for tooling if it is not damaged by the wrong operation.
  • Knmtech can support free technical consultation, just tell us your product details and its' applications.
    techincal service
    Free Techincal Inquiry

Latest News

Knmtech ultrasonics has been the China ultrasonic welding machine supplier over 15 years.
is ultrasonic welding the same as vibration welding
Many people think that vibration welding and ultrasonic joining are the same, but in fact, the two processes are very different, let’s take a look.
what is amplitude in ultrasonic welding
The distance between the vibration peak point and the original position is called the amplitude.
What is energy director in ultrasonic welding
The energy director is a common joint design in ultrasonic welding. And is the most important factor affecting ultrasonic welding.
Different types of plastic
Ultrasonic is a type of pressure welding. Generally ultrasonic plastic welding can weld thermoplastics. Ultrasonic metal welding can weld non-ferrous metals.

More Questions You May Have

Any questions, just feel free to contact us!
How about the quality ?

We have exported ultrasonic welding equipment to many customers from all over the world in the past years, and the feedback is good. Quality is the life of our company.

What's the warranty of your products ?

One year warranty for machines and 3 months warranty for tooling if it is not damaged by the wrong operation.

Can we be your agent in our country or city ?

Of course. We are looking for agents or distributors who are willing to cooperate with us for a long business term.

What's your MOQ ?

We have ultrasonic welders for sale, and we don’t limit a MOQ for testing, just decide the QTY by yourself.

Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

Yes, we could offer the sample and it’s not free as our ultrasonic products are large and heavy.

How about the payment?

100%T/T in advance for small orders;30%T/T in advance as a deposit;70%T/T paid before shipment for big orders.

How about your delivery time?

Usually, we have some ultrasonic welding equipment in stock for trial or small orders, so just deliver them within 7 days, while, 15-60 days for large orders and customized production lines.1-2 units we could send by EXPRESS(DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS), heavyweight more than 50kg, we suggest using sea freight LCL or by air.

Our Beloved Clients

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