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Over 15 Years' Experience in Ultrasonic Welding Business

Company Profile

K&M Technologies Ltd is a one-stop solution provider in the ultrasonic business, we can provide you with ultrasonic plastic welding machines, ultrasonic metal welding machines, ultrasonic welding systems,  and ultrasonic food cutting systems.

K&M Technologies LTD has many years of experience in exporting ultrasonic equipment. Provide consulting services for products, applications, plastic welding, metal welding, after-sales, etc.
Our Production line is stable and trustworthy, K&M Tech stands by the client's side to see the importance of the quality and tries our best to provide the best quality products.
The new technology R&D team of our company is always exploring new applications related to ultrasonic and designing smarter and more efficient products for different applications.

Company History

  • Shanghai Biwin Co., Ltd was established, focusing on the ultrasonic welding system business.
  • 2015
    Shanghai Biwin Co., Ltd was renamed K&M Technologies Ltd after taking in more ultrasonic businesses.
  • K&M Technologies ltd has established strategic partnerships with several expertise production factories for different products.
  • 2018
    K&M Technologies Ltd established a strategic partnership with an automation factory for customized production lines.
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About Knmtech

K&M Technologies Ltd is a one-stop solution provider in the ultrasonic welding business, our ultrasonic products can be used in different application industries, such as automotive, medical technology, battery, electronics, food, packaging machinery, etc.

Knmtech has the best sources for the design of the equipment based on over 15 years of experience of the main staff in the ultrasonic industry. We, as the one-stop solution provider, are working closely with new technology R&D staff and mould designers since 2009, aiming at providing timely and qualified services to our precious clients around the world.

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