Applications of Ultrasonic Welding

Usually, the application of ultrasonic in the medical industry is well-known. Ultra Sonic welding includes ultrasonic welding plastic and ultrasonic metal welding. They all have indispensable value in their respective fields.

Why we use ultrasonic

  1. Ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic plastic welding do not require the addition of welding rods, greatly reducing costs and maintaining good welding aesthetics.
  2. Ultrasonic welding generates high temperatures by conducting ultrasonic waves to recombine the molecular chains between metal or plastic contact surfaces to achieve welding with raw material strength.
  3. Metal foils, tiny devices and multi-layer metal sheets with widely varying thicknesses are difficult to weld with other methods, but ultrasonic welding is very simple.
  4. Ultrasonic welding consumes less energy, is faster, and has a cleaner welding surface.
  5. Our commonly used copper and aluminium cables have the same strength and conductivity as the raw materials after ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic wire harness welding is widely used in the electric vehicle industry.

Industries Using Ultrasonic Welding Technology aroud Us

ultrasonic welding in car industry

Ultrasonic welding machines can be used for built-in audio, foot mats, door panels, spare tyre boxes, filters, airbags, sun visors, car water dispensers, tail lights, car covers, water tanks, etc.

Today’s new energy vehicles use ultrasonic waves for busbar welding, terminal welding, battery welding, etc. The busbar and battery system on the car are important components for distributing electricity. Ultrasonic metal welding’s good conductivity and strength are the best choice for busbar welding.

ultrasonic welding in medical

The ultrasonic welding machine can be used for: medicine liquid filter, infusion set, mask, oxygen bag, blood bag, filter respirator, blood filter, medical-surgical equipment, and other precision and high-reliability medical products.

ultrasonic welding in new energy industry

The ultrasonic metal welder can be used for welding battery caps, battery plates, copper foil and aluminum foil, copper sheet and aluminum sheet, lithium battery pole pieces, tabs etc.

ultrasonic welding in electronics

Electronic equipment and accessories using ultrasonic welding technology include battery case, charger, U disk, USB connector, computer, electronic watch, mobile phone, mobile phone shell, setting device, switch socket, prepaid water meter, and electricity meter, mobile phone case Bluetooth, etc.

Ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in the sealing of anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps, food ziplock bags, shopping tote bags, paper cups, instant noodles paper bowls, and dairy packaging boxes.

Usually, our food packaging uses edible grade PP plastic. It is a thermoplastic plastic and is very suitable for ultrasonic welding.

ultrasonic welding in consumption industry

Ultrasonic welding machines can be used for TV casing, remote control, portable fluorescent lamp shade, plastic frame of juicer, vacuum cleaner parts, shaver casing, mosquito reduction lamp casing, washing machine dehydration tank, folder, business card holder, photo album, semicircle instrument, toy eye vibration, toy pacifier, light ball, mobile phone pendant, etc.

Applications of Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic plastic welder can weld the filter element. These filter elements are widely used in water filtration, oil filtration, and battery-positive and negative filtration. They have good corrosion and chemical resistance.

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