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  • ultrasonic cheese cutting equipment
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  • ultrasonic cheese cutter bread cutting

Automatic Ultrasonic Cheese Cutter Cheesecake Slicer

checked Round, cube, and rectangular, you can set your cut pattern;

checked Automatically slice food per the parameters entered in advance;

checked Automatic rotating turn table with speed adjustable;

checked High-quality safety grids system for operator safety;

checked Automatic cleaning, and sterilization with UV lights;

checked All contact materials are food safe certified; Ensuring food hygiene to the greatest extent.

checked Suitable for bakeries and manufacturers with small output, and limited space.


The ultrasonic cheesecake slicer can be used to cut round, cube, square, and rectangular food like bread, toast, cheese, wraps, dough, etc. The number of cuts, cutting distance, and cutting depth can be adjusted according to your production requirements. In addition to this, the ultrasonic cheesecake cutting machine is equipped with safety grids, and casters and has the function of automatically cleaning and UV sterilization for a safe and efficient cutting process. Account level management can be easily added and set to facilitate different levels of employees to operate and use this ultrasonic cheese cutter. One-touch operation, isometric cutting, automatic steering. The cutting surface of the food is smooth and neat with ultrasonic vibration, the cutting angle is precise and there is no food residue on the cutter head, making it cleaner and more hygienic and reducing maintenance costs. This toast cutting machine has been certificated by CE and FDA.
We support various styles and sizes of customization, please consult us, and we can help you decide on your food-cutting solutions.
Cutting Mode Schematic:
Ultrasonic Cake Cutting machine cutting schematic2
Customization is available. The ultrasonic cheesecake slicer can replace the normal cutter for foods that cannot be cut: frozen foods, easily deformed foods, and easily moldy foods, etc., such as frozen fish, cakes, bread, nougat, sesame candies, sandwiches, cheese, fruits, meat, etc, making it a versatile tool for food processing.

Technical Data

Product NameAutomatic Ultrasonic Cheese Cutter
Vibration Frequency20kHz
Knife MaterialTitanium
Cutting Knife Size255mm (305mm optional)
Maximum effective cutting height60mm (80mm optional)
Capacity60 cuts/min(can be customized)
Max diameter for round food250mm
Max length for square food220mm
Touch Screen7-inch touch screen
Cutting Knife Control SystemServo Motor/ Stepper Motor
Whether it can be rotatedTray rotation
Automatic CleaningSupport
UV sterilizationSupport
CustomizationCutting speed, depth, shapes, and sizes can be customized per your need.
CertificateCE, FDA


features of ultrasonic system
Ultrasonic System

Intelligent Cutting Way

The ultrasonic cheese cutter uses an intelligent ultrasonic system, which consists of an ultrasonic power box and a titanium alloy cutting blade. The ultrasonic food cutting system of the cheese slicer machine uses high-frequency vibrations to cut food with precision and accuracy, resulting in clean and smooth cutting effects, and ensuring consistent cutting quality.

You don’t need to apply external force when using ultrasonic cheesecake slicer. This will ensure that the cheesecake does not stick to the knife and is cut beautifully and completely.

HMI Interaction

Efficiency and Productivity

You can set the technical parameters of the ultrasonic cheese cutter through HMI to control the working process, such as ultrasonic vibration position, cutting depth, cutting distance, etc. During the cutting process, you can also view the HMI to see the current work progress. The automatic cutting machine can increase efficiency and productivity which greatly reduces labor costs.

Through large screen control, you can choose the number and shape of the cheesecake to cut.

HMI of the Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine
Cleaning Tank of the Ultrasonic Cake Cutter
Food Safety

Clean and Disinfection

The ultrasonic cheese cutter has the functions of automatic blade cleaning and  UV disinfection. Before processing, you can set the parameters such as the number of intervals of automatic cleaning, cleaning time, disinfection time, etc. to match your requirements. These functions can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, reduce the risk of food contamination, thus ensuring food safety, and can greatly improve efficiency and save time and labor costs.


touch screen
PLC Touch Screen
intelligent circuit
Intelligent Circuit System
measuring position system
Distance Sensor
Intelligent alarm
Intelligent Alarm
Titanium Cutting Blade
Titanium Cutting Blade
UV sterilisation
UV Sterilisation

Detailed Show

The ultrasonic cheese cutting machine can be used in many industries, such as bakeries, confectionery, cheese industry, butchery, catering, and so on. If you need a cutter for bread to increase your production capacity, an ultrasonic food cutting machine is a good choice.

Ultrasonic cheese cutter from knmtech

Any Questions?

A good cheese slicer machine will greatly help improve the efficiency and accuracy of cheese slicing, making you more competitive. We are always here for you, just feel free to contact us.

ultrasonic welding machine service team
Operation Guide for The Standard Ultrasonic Cheese Cutter

This is a customized automatic ultrasonic food cutter for cutting round, triangular, and rectangular food with one-touch operation for safety and efficiency. Let’s go through how to use this ultrasonic food cutter.

Step 1, turn on the main switch of the machine.

Step 2, enter the HMI login system interface, enter the password, and log in to the system.

Step 3, enter the manual operation interface and click on the home button to set the cutter back to the zero position.

step 4, enter the system interface, and set the cleaning parameters: intervals of automatic cleaning, cleaning duration, and UV disinfection duration.

step 5, enter the cake interface, select the cutting shape: rectangle or round, and set the cutting depth, the number of cuts, and the cutting span.

Step 6, enter the home screen, and check if the “home” indicator is green, if it is green, continue, otherwise click on the home button in the upper right corner to return to the zero position, then we choose the “automatic” mode.

Step 7, press the “Start” button, and the cutting machine begins to work automatically.

The ultrasonic cheese cutter cuts the cake according to the set parameters, with a neat cut, and automatic steering, which is safe and efficient.

Enter the message interface, we can see the current progress of the ultrasonic cheese cutter.

If there is a fault during the cutting process, you can enter the alarm interface and see all the alarm messages.

Once the set number of cuts has been reached, the cleaning function is triggered and the cutter automatically moves to the cleaning tank for cleaning and UV disinfection according to the set parameters.

This is all the operation process of this automatic ultrasonic cheese cutter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for a commercial cheesecake cutter?

Commercial cheesecake cutters require the cutting speed of the machine and the cutting quality to reach a certain standard. Ultrasonic cheesecake cutters are perfect for this. The ultrasonic cheesecake slicer can not only not damage the cross-section of the cheesecake surface when cutting, but also increase the cutting speed and reduce labor costs. Compared with traditional cheesecake cutting machines, ultrasonic cheesecake cutters save a lot of cleaning troubles and make cutting more neat and beautiful.

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