In the production of the automotive industry, component welding is a key link. There are more and more plastic components in automobiles. The effect of plastic welding determines the final quality of automotive. Auto parts and body structure specifications require high precision and high performance. Ultrasonic plastic welding, as an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, and good sealing solution is fully capable of this complex task.

In addition, with the rapid development of lightweight and new energy automotive, ultrasonic metal welding technology is widely used in the automotive industry.


Functional Components Ultrasonic Welding

The welding of functional components requires that the functions are complete and unrestricted. Ultrasonic welding machines from Knmtech provide fine welding parameter settings to ensure high-precision welding process control.

automotive dashboard

The packaging of automotive dashboard components often adopts plastic packaging mode, and the joint requires good sealing, firmness, accurate size, and flawless appearance.

car cable ultrasonic welding

The plastic head of cable lines joint requirements are firm, and good sealing performance. The ultrasonic welders from Knmtech have a precise welding effect and can meet this requirement.

car radiator ultrasonic welding

The car radiator is the main part of the car cooling system. The function of the radiator is to dissipate heat. The plastic parts on the radiator can be well welded by ultrasonic waves.


Bumpers are mostly made of plastic with high elasticity. Ultrasonic welding is used for bumper welding to ensure high degree of joint, flawless and elegant appearance.

car air commutator ultrasonic welding

The joint of air commutator requires a reliable welding method, and the appearance is free of scratches. Ultrasonic welding can protect the internal functions and meet the requirements.

car filter ultrasonic welding

The air filter provides a clean air source for the car engine and effectively filters air impurities. The air filter plastic parts can be welded by the ultrasonic plastic welding machine.

Exterior and Lights Ultrasonic Welding (7)

Ultrasonic plastic welding is economical, fast, and reliable, and is increasingly favored by the automotive manufacturing industry, where high strength, tightness, and dimensional accuracy, along with a scratch-free and indent-free appearance, are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding protects the function of components and enables the welding of complex shapes.

  • car door ultrasonic welding

    The connection between the small parts on the door panel and the door panel sound insulation felt can be welded by ultrasonic with higher frequency.

  • Wiper Water Pump ultrasonic welding

    The wiper water pump shell is mostly made of polyethylene thermoplastic, ultrasonic welding can meet the requirements of waterproof and good sealing performance.

  • Rearview Mirror ultrasonic welding

    The commonly used materials for automotive rearview mirrors are ABS, TPE, and PA, which have high strength and toughness, and are suitable for ultrasonic welding.

  • Triangle Warning ultrasonic welding

    The material of the triangle warning is mainly ABS and PMMA, with high heat resistance and stable chemical performance,the ultrasonic plastic welding is suitable for its joining.

  • Car Roof Luggage

    The material of the roof luggage is mostly ABS or PC+ABS, which has strong toughness, and impact resistance, ultrasonic plastic welding can be used for welding the roof luggage.

  • car light ultrasonic welding

    If the material of the car light is PC/PP/ ABS/ PMMA/ PA, then the light can be welded by ultrasonic welding with high efficiency and environment friendly.

  • car key ultrasonic welding

    The common plastic material of the key is ABS, with high strength, and good toughness. Ultrasonic welding can be used to ensure sealing, no overflow, and beautiful appearance.

Interior Ultrasonic Welding (6)

Commonly used plastic connection methods include fasteners such as screws and snaps, as well as vibration friction welding and ultrasonic welding. Among them, screws, snaps, etc. are simple in connection and low in cost. They are common applications. Vibration friction welding and ultrasonic piercing welding have high costs and require corresponding development equipment. Ultrasonic plastic welding can save space and has high efficiency. The application of ultrasonic welding of plastic parts is increasingly widespread.

Drive Components Ultrasonic Welding

Soft Pack Battery Ultrasonic Welding

The soft pack battery has the advantages of high energy density, strong safety, flexible layout, and long cycle life. Ultrasonic metal welding can be used for the tab welding of the soft pack battery. Ultrasonic welding makes the metal melt and bond, and it is very strong. Copper, aluminum, and nickel can be welded.

ultrasonic welding for copper wire

Compared with the traditional wire harness tin welding, ultrasonic wire harness metal welding has unique characteristics: it does not change the characteristics of the metal itself, does not need to be immersed in acid water, and does not need solder. Wire can be welded and formed at one time, the tensile force can reach 80% of the body.

battery module ultrasonic welding

Power battery module copper and aluminum bar ultrasonic metal welding is fast, energy saving, high stability, and close to cold working. The welded product has good fusion, low internal resistance, high strength, good electrical conductivity, and no sparks.

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