Mochi Rice Cake Cutter Meets Ultrasonic Tech-Beyond Tradition

Mochi is a traditional Japanese glutinous rice cake, also known as sweet rice or mochigome. The process of making mochi involves soaking, steaming, and pounding the glutinous rice until it forms a sticky, elastic, and smooth dough. This dough can then be shaped into various forms and sizes.Finally use a mochi cutter to cut out the finished product.

People eat Mochi all year round, but it is more popular during days: Japanese New Year’s celebration, Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing), Shichi-Go-San Festival, Weddings, Children’s Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Mochi is often included as part of the celebration, symbolizing the hope, longevity, and prosperity.

Mochi rice cake show

Traditional Method of Making Mochi:


  1. Glutinous rice
  2.  Water


  1. Rinsing and Soaking:

First, we rinse the glutinous rice thoroughly to remove excess starch.

Then soak the rice in water for several hours or overnight. This step ensures the rice achieves a sticky, pliable texture.

Glutinous rice For Mochi Process

2. Steaming:

Second, we drain the soaked rice and put it into a steamer for steaming.

Steam the rice until it becomes soft and sticky. This can take some time, generally, about one to two hours, and occasional stirring may be necessary.

 3. Pounding:

Traditionally, pounding is a crucial step that requires a large wooden mortar and pestle called an “usu” and “kine.” While the rice is still hot, it is transferred to the usu, and skilled people pound it with the kine. The pounding process continues until the rice transforms into a smooth, elastic, and cohesive mass.

Mochi Pounding Process

    4. Shaping:

The pounded mochi is shaped into small, round cakes or formed into sheets depending on the detailed requirements. Some variations include adding flavors or colors during the shaping process.

Mochi Shaping

As living standards rise and cultural influences blend globally, Mochi Rice Cake has undergone transformations, giving rise to innovative contemporary variations. Here are some modern forms:

  1. Mochi Ice Cream: Mochi Ice Cream comes in various flavors and colors. It innovatively uses mochi as the outer layer, enveloping the ice cream within. This represents a creative twist on traditional mochi.

Mochi Rice Cake cutting by ultrasonic technology

        2. Mochi Desserts: Mochi is now a key ingredient in various desserts, including Mochi rice cakes, pastries, and filled cookies, showcasing diverse fillings and toppings.

        3. Mochi Pizza and Sushi: Innovative chefs incorporate Mochi into pizza crusts or sushi, introducing a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors.

Mochi Sushi

        4. Mochi Candy and Chocolate: Mochi serves as an ingredient in candies and chocolates, presenting a delightful array of shapes and tastes.

Mochi Candy

Mochi filled with stuffing such as mochi rice cake, has a soft exterior and a relatively firm interior, demanding precision in the cutting process, making it hard for traditional knives to cut smoothly. The increasingly recognized and widely adopted ultrasonic cutting technology excels in precisely cutting mochi, meeting the market’s demand efficiently.

A qualified Mochi cutter machine must be able to cut the cake cleanly and ensure the integrity and taste of the cake. The ultrasonic Mochi cutter machine is based on the principle of utilizing ultrasonic vibrations to achieve precise and efficient cutting. The ultrasonic cutting blade vibrates 20000 times per second, ultrasonic technology ensures precise, smooth, and clean cuts, which can handle various shapes and sizes.

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For foods with high viscosity, Knmtech will coat the ultrasonic cutters to ensure that the knife is neat, clean, and non-stick when cutting sticky foods such as mochi, sticky rice cake, nougat, marshmallow, dough, cheese, etc.

Knmtech provides standard and customized ultrasonic food cutting machine lines for your cutting needs. With over 15 years of experience in the ultrasonic industry, we specialize in providing customized ultrasonic cutting solutions for our clients. Our expertise, coupled with advanced automation, enables us to tailor ultrasonic cutting machines to meet specific requirements, enhancing efficiency and ensuring precise cutting alignment.

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