What Are The Characteristics Of The Ultrasonic Welder?

The ultrasonic welding has become a popular welding technology used in various industries, including automotive, medical, and electronics. The materials it can weld include metal wire harnesses, thermosetting plastics, etc. Why ultrasonic welding has become so popular, the following will introduce in detail the differences between ultrasonic welding and other welding.

ultrasonic welding is fast and precise1

One of the biggest advantages of ultrasonic welding is its high speed welding. Most ultrasonic welding can be done in 0.1-0.5 seconds.  Production capacity can be increased by more than 10 times. This makes ultrasonic welding the best choice for rapid production.

ultrasonic welding is with stable quality

Ultrasonic welding can cope with different welding materials by adjusting frequency, amplitude, etc. It uses high-frequency vibration to achieve the fusion of the molecular layer on the welding surface. This ensures that each weld is of the same quality and strength, resulting in a high-quality and highly standardized product.

ultrasonic welding is economical

Ultrasonic welding is fast and does not require other adhesives, making it very suitable for mass production by enterprises. Moreover, ultrasonic welding has high strength, and relatively saves repair time and maintenance costs.

beautiful and clean

Ultrasonic welding does not produce toxic chemicals, and the welds fit tightly without glue spillage.

Easy to Use

The operation of the ultrasonic welding machine is concentrated on the display screen.The display screen can operate the welding mode, view welding data, display operating prompts, etc., making it safe and convenient to use.

water tightness

Ultrasonic welding can realize high welding strength, and the weldments have good water tightness and air tightness.


The ultrasonic welding machines have input and output program ports, it’s easy to realize automated welding for ultrasonic welding machines.

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