In daily necessities, plastic products can be seen almost everywhere. The manufacturing and processing of many plastic products require welding technology. Ultrasonic welding is a reliable, efficient, and pollution-free new generation of welding technology.

Not only the surface of the product is clean, the welding is efficient and firm, the use of screws, adhesives, glues, or other auxiliary materials is eliminated, the production cost is reduced, but also the flexibility of product design can be satisfied, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.



Household Appliances Ultrasonic Welding

In daily life, household appliances are used almost every day, which requires that the plastic welding outside the household appliances must be durable, reliable, and safe and that the functions of the internal electronic components are not damaged during welding. Ultrasonic plastic welding can meet these requirements and is very suitable for the connection of housings of household appliances with complex geometries.

Toys Ultrasonic Welding (6)

Many of the toys are also plastic products. The joint of the toy shell must be firm, safe, and beautiful in appearance. You can precisely adjust the welding parameters of the ultrasonic plastic welding machines to control the welding process, so as to achieve perfect welding.

Stationery Ultrasonic Welding (5)

The upgrading of office stationery is strong, the requirements for welding plastic parts are getting higher and higher, the contact surface for products is increasing, and the safety requirements are also higher and higher. Ultrasonic welding technology has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, no additives, etc., and can meet the needs of the office stationery industry.

Garden Tools Ultrasonic Welding

ultrasonic welding for sprinkler

The plastic shell of the garden sprinkler requires good water tightness. Ultrasonic welding can achieve this requirement, and there is no overflow at the weld, the aesthetics and comfort are guaranteed.

ultrasonic weld for electric chain saw

Ultrasonic welding can make the plastic shell of the chainsaw connect firmly, and the welding seam will not be cracked due to the strong impact during the use.

Ultrasonic Welding For Driller

Welding is a fast, clean and effective assembly process, used to meet the high-strength assembly requirements of plastic parts, and is an advanced welding technology widely used.

Ultrasonic Welding for garden shears

Ultrasonic welded plastic products are firm and beautiful, which not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces costs, and improves product quality and production safety.

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