The upgrading of electronic and electrical products is strong, and the welding requirements for plastic parts are getting higher and higher. The welding of plastic parts is the key to product quality. The ultrasonic welding technology has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, and no need for auxiliary agents. It meets the high demands of the electrical and electronic industry.

Plastic parts in the electronics field are particularly demanding in terms of appearance, geometry, function, and material properties. Ultrasonic welding is a powerful welding technology and can meet the needs of a variety of products, helping improve production efficiency and reduce labor and operating costs.



Sockets and Plugs Ultrasonic Welding (5)

Sockets and terminal blocks are high-quality safety components used in electronic equipment and can be ultrasonically welded firmly to ensure a trouble-free connection and a steady flow of current. Similarly, the connection of different materials can also be achieved by ultrasonic welding.

Electronic Equipment Ultrasonic Welding (4)

Ultrasonic welding can introduce energy into the welding area in a targeted manner to ensure the safe connection between the internal support plate and the housings of the electronic instrument, and will not affect the function of sensitive electronic components.

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In recent years, the output of battery-type electrical tools has grown rapidly. In battery-type electrical tools, except for a few parts such as the casing, which are connected by threads, many plastic parts such as battery boxes, chargers, switches, etc. have been connected with each other using the ultrasonic welding method.

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Ultrasonic welding is a new generation of reliable, high-efficiency, and environment-friendly welding technology, which is widely used in automotive, electronics, medical, and packaging industries, etc.

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