The food packaging industry has strict requirements in terms of functional characteristics: extending the shelf life of food, increasing the attractiveness of food appearance, easy to unpack, improving food safety, etc. At present, the commonly used sealing technologies include high-frequency sealing, hot plate sealing, infrared radiation sealing, and ultrasonic sealing. The ultrasonic sealing technology has attracted more and more attention due to its good sealing quality, high efficiency, cleanliness, and other advantages.

After years of development, the development of ultrasonic technology has also made it possible to use ultrasonic waves to cut products. Ultrasonic food cutting is currently widely used in many food industries.


Beverage Packaging

Ultrasonic welding beverage packaging has good sealing performance, and the joint firmness is close to that of raw materials, so there is no need to worry about leakage and storage. Ultrasonic welding will not generate excess heat. For temperature-sensitive liquid food, the interior of the packaging will not be affected.

Blister Packs and Trays (5)

Ultrasonic welding seams are air-tight and water-tight and can even process contaminated areas such as grease, liquids, fibers, or powders. In addition, ultrasonic welding can satisfy very thin packaging materials, which is beneficial both economically and ecologically for the production of food packaging.

Ultrasonic Food Cutting

cake ultrasonic cutting

For multi-layer food cutting, ultrasonic cutting can keep no debris between layers, no color mixing, and a wide range of cutting objects. The ultrasonic cutting is also suitable for frozen food and products containing cream.

Butter ultrasonic food cutting

Ultrasonic food cutting realizes food clean cutting through ultrasonic high-frequency vibration. Ultrasonic vibration is generated when cutting food, which cuts the food and reduces friction.

wafer biscuit ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting has the advantages of smooth edge, accurate trimming, no deformation, no warping, fluffing, wire drawing, and wrinkles.

pizza ultrasonic cutting

Using ultrasonic cutting technology, the food does not stick to the knife, the food edge is smooth and neat, and the food will not be deformed and burnt, thus improving production efficiency.

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