How To Choose An Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine?

Ultrasonic metal welding machines can be used for spot and strip welding of thin metal materials such as copper, silver, chromium-nickel, and other conductive metals, which can be widely used for spot and strip welding of silicon chip leads, fast fuse holders, electrical lead terminals, lithium-ion, nickel-metal, nickel-cadmium battery pole lugs, etc.

How to choose a ultrasonic metal welding machine

There are many brands of ultrasonic welding machines, how to choose one? Here we list four suggestions for your reference:

  1. Configuration: The performance advantage of the ultrasonic welding machine depends on the configuration, so the consumable perishability and product quality are particularly important.  Those who have more than ten years of research and development innovation suppliers should be preferred to touch screen adjustment type of ultrasonic metal welding machine, such welding machines are stable and fast, perfect welding results, durable machine with high precision.

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2. Appearance: Appearance of beautiful, uniform color and loss of style, the housing structure is solid and reliable, the shell is flat and smooth, the rack is a smooth, uniform color, etc.

3. Function: each gear switch opens flexible and reliable, light and quick keys, touch screen adjustment, accurate and fast, etc.

4. Network popularity: the brand’s popularity on the network, if the network popularity is not high, no provide physical photography, etc., no direct real credentials, and no other relevant documents can not be trusted.

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