How to Slice Miserable World Cake

Les Miserables cake history

Le Miserable cake is a traditional dessert in Belgium. It is said that at that time, the life of the middle and lower class people was very difficult and they could not afford expensive dairy products. But life was so miserable, how could we not eat some desserts to supplement our sugar? So people added a lot of water instead of cream and milk to make this dessert and named it Les Miserables Cake to commemorate the hard life of the contemporary lower-class people.

How to Slice Miserable World Cake

How to cut a cake to have the best taste

As a dessert, the most important thing about les miserables pastry is whether it can be cut to the end, to ensure the integrity of the cake to the greatest extent. Cutting completely will not only preserve the appearance of the cake but also preserve the taste of the cake itself. Because the Les Miserables cake is very soft and soft, it is difficult to cut it with a traditional knife, and you also have to worry about applying too much external force and destroying the shape of the cake. How to cut a cake perfectly has always been a headache.How to Slice Miserable World Cake

Why is it recommended to use an ultrasonic food cutter to cut cakes?

The ultrasonic cake cutting machine uses the blade to emit ultrasonic waves, which can avoid applying an external force to the les miserables dessert and easily cut it to the bottom. The ultrasonic blade is made of food-grade titanium alloy and leaves almost no cake crumbs on the knife. Our automatic ultrasonic food-cutting machines can minimize labour costs and increase production efficiency. It can cut the les misérables cake into any number of portions and has an automatic blade-cleaning function. Ultrasonic food-cutting machines are ideal for Les Mis slices.

Knmtech Ultrasonic has been deeply involved in the ultrasonic industry for 15 years. We will provide you with cost-effective products and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services to improve the competitiveness of your company. If you have cutting needs for cakes, bread, barbecue, etc., please contact us anytime.


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