Why does the ultrasonic plastic welding machine not emit waves?

Ultrasonic plastic welding machines have now been widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, printing, consumables, and other industries. In the daily operation of ultrasonic welding equipment, sometimes there will be no ultrasonic wave phenomenon, then, what is the cause? You can refer to the following inspection methods:

Inspection Methods for No Ultrasonic Waves

air pressure

Check whether the voltage and air pressure are normal. If it is normal but the ultrasonic wave does not emit waves, continue to check according to the following steps.


Remove the ultrasonic mold, and then check whether the ultrasonic welding machine has sound waves and whether the sound waves are normal. If the sound waves are normal, then the mold has problems. Otherwise, continue to check according to the following steps.


If there is no sound wave, check whether the ultrasonic transducer wire is off.


If all of the above are checked and still no sound wave, then you need to check the ultrasonic generator.

ultrasonic welding machine

After the above basic operation inspection is completed, the ultrasonic welding machine still does not emit waves, then there are many possible reasons, such as the transducer is broken, some parts of the generator are broken, need to replace electronic components to repair, then you can consult our professional service team for help.

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