Ice Cream Slicing

How do you slice ice cream cake?

Ice cream is our favourite food in summer. What method do you usually use to cut ice cream cake? When the ice cream is just taken out of the freezer, it is hard and cold. You cannot cut the ice cream with a plastic knife. If you use a steel knife usually used in the kitchen, the ice cream will stick to the knife if the temperature is too low, and the cutting resistance will be considerable. Is there a way to avoid the trouble of being difficult to cut with ordinary knives? That is an ultrasonic ice cream cutter.

ice cream slicing


Best knife to cut ice cream

The ultrasonic food-cutting machine converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the piezoelectric effect. It emits high-frequency vibration on the ultrasonic cutting edge to cut the ice cream cake. Titanium alloy knives have better resistance to the low temperatures of ice cream. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration cutting also solves the problem of ordinary knives sticking to the knife and being unable to cut. No external force is needed to fix the ice cream cake to avoid the deformation of the ice cream. Set the number of portions on the ultrasonic food-cutting machine, and the machine will automatically cut. These advantages make ultrasonic cutting extremely suitable for cutting ice cream.

ice cream slicing


Commercial ice cream slicing block

This KNMTECH ultrasonic ice cream cutter has a maximum circular diameter of 25cm and can be customized with moulds. Its efficient cutting speed and standardized production mode can complete commercial ice cream cutting well. Not only that, it is also a good ice cream sandwich cutter, cake cutter, and cheesecake slicer.

ice cream slicing

As the hot summer approaches, the demand for ice cream continues to increase. I think you need a piece of equipment to improve the efficiency of ice cream cutting. Please contact us to help your company improve its competitiveness.



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