Main Features Of The Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

The principle of ultrasonic welding is high-frequency vibration to produce friction welding, ultrasonic metal welding is currently the better connection process, with good electrical conductivity, and good thermal conductivity, resistance coefficient or close to zero, welding without sparks, environmental protection, and safety. In some applications, ultrasonic welding has tremendous welding advantages:

Ultrasonic metal welding machine - wire splicer

1, Welding: two welded objects overlap, by ultrasonic vibration pressure joint into a solid form, the joining time is short and the joining part does not produce casting organization (rough surface) defects;

2, Mold: compared with resistance welding, ultrasonic welding has a long life of the mold, mold repair and replacement time is less, and easy to achieve automation;

3, Energy consumption: compared with electrical welding, ultrasonic welding can be carried out between different metals and between the same metals which consumes much less energy;

4, Pressure welding comparison: compared with other pressure welding methods, ultrasonic welding requires less pressure, and the amount of deformation is less than 10%;

5, Welding treatment: not like other welding methods, ultrasonic welding does not need surface pre-treatment and post-treatment after welding;

6, Welding advantages: without flux, metal filler, external heating, and other external factors;

7, Welding effect: ultrasonic welding can reduce the temperature effect of the material to the lowest. (the temperature of the weld zone does not exceed 50% of the melting temperature of the metal to be welded) so that the metal structure does not change, and therefore very suitable for welding applications in the electronics field.

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