Rapid advances in medical technology have made it possible to extend human life expectancy. Medical products play an important role in the process. Nowadays, more and more medical products use plastic as raw material and are welded with the aid of ultrasound. Ultrasonic welding machines are becoming more and more popular in the field of the medical area.

Many products in the medical industry have high requirements for welding, the products must have strong sealing properties and high welding precision. Ultrasonic welding machines can provide refined parameter control and data collection during the welding process, and achieve product traceability and high consistency.


Medical Instruments Ultrasonic Welding

When assembling the casing of the medical instruments and electronic components, sensitive internal functions need to be guaranteed. Using ultrasonic welding, precision welding can be accomplished without damaging the internal components.

ultrasonic welding for scalpel

Ultrasonic welding can provide a precise and stable solution for the shell of medical surgical instruments.

Ultrasonic Welding for Otoscope Device

Ultrasonic can seal and weld without indentation to ensure the functional use of the medical product.

ultrasonic welding thermometer

For parts with complex contours,  design corresponding ultrasonic welding sonotrodes to complete precision welding.

Filters and Connectors Ultrasonic Welding (5)

Ultrasonic welding technology can achieve the sealing and cleanliness required for medical products while achieving high output, so the ultrasonic welding machine is more and more favored by the medical industry.

Auxiliary Items Ultrasonic Welding

ultrasonic welding for disposable face mask

The disposable flat protective mask can be ultrasonically welded to make the mask soft and comfortable, and the ear loop of the mask can also be easily welded with ultrasonic waves.

ultrasonic welding for 3D face mask

In the case of high-speed continuous production, the ultrasonic welding machine can also firmly connect the multi-layer structure of the 3D mask to achieve breathability.

ultrasonic welding for bandage

Ultrasound can laminate or punch different materials in medical dressings to ensure that the product is soft, breathable, and sterile.

ultrasonic welding for sealing bag

Ultrasonic sealing is also suitable for the outer packaging of the medical industry, because of the effect of ultrasonic sealing, air tightness and water tightness are well guaranteed.

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