New Energy

In recent years, with the continuous development of global new energy vehicles, ultrasonic welding has a broad market development space.

Ultrasonic welding can be used for metal welding. It is widely used in the field of power battery welding due to its characteristics of near-cold welding, low internal resistance after welding, and good electrical conductivity after welding, and it is not easy to be replaced by other welding technologies.

As a high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, and clean solid-phase connection technology, ultrasonic metal welding is suitable for the connection of aluminum, copper, and other highly conductive and thermally conductive materials. Compared with laser welding, traditional arc welding, and resistance welding, it has the advantages of high welding stability, low welding resistivity, more energy saving, and environmental protection.


Lithium Ion Battery Ultrasonic Welding

When using ultrasonic metal welding,  the heat generation is low, and the temperature rise of the workpiece is not enough to melt the metal, and it will not increase the resistance of the welding joint. The ultrasonic metal welding machine is the necessary equipment for the production and welding process of lithium battery cells.

Electric Vehicle Wire Harness Ultrasonic Welding (6)

In the electric vehicle industry, cables connecting charging stations and high-voltage batteries require reliable, low-resistance connections for fast charging. The welded area width is as narrow as possible to save installation space, and ultrasonic metal welding can meet these requirements.

Wire Terminal Ultrasonic Welding

wire terminal welding

There are no requirements of solder grease or flux in the ultrasonic wire welding process, and the welding head has a longer life, which is better than crimping, soldering, or resistance welding.

wire terminal ultrasonic welder

Ultrasonic wire terminal welding has no sparks and is close to cold welding. Safe and stable operation, easy to operate, and replace welding tools. Different metal materials can also be welded.

Aluminum wire terminal welding

Ultrasonic wire terminal welding has high fusion strength, with good electrical conductivity after welding, and the resistivity is extremely low and close to zero;

aluminum wire to aluminum bar

Ultrasonic wire terminal welding time is short, fast, and energy-saving. The welding process is stable, ensuring the reliability of product conductor performance.

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