Savor the Sweetness: Cheesecake Slicer Perfection

CheeseCake Ultrasonic Slicing Machine

The ultrasonic cheesecake slicing machine takes dessert precision to the next level. Explore the ultrasonic cutting-edge technology that ensures each slice is perfection itself. Ultrasonic cutting minimizes product deformation or compression, preserving product quality.

The ultrasonic cheesecake slicer is capable of cutting cheesecakes into 2 – 24 portions, you can also edit the cut portion value as you need, it ensures precise cutting, even for delicate or sticky foods, and it creates clean, smooth edges, reducing food waste, and enhancing presentation. The cutting depth and width can be adjusted per your food. Cutting effect and consistency can be guaranteed no matter who operates the ultrasonic cheesecake cutter.

The ultrasonic cheesecake slicer is ideal for bakeries cutting up to 60 cuts per minute, as only one cutting mode in the machine, It is suitable for food manufacturers who only supply round food, from soft cheeses to cakes and bread.

Knmtech has been focused on ultrasonic technology and automation for more than 15 years, designing and manufacturing stand-alone, customized, as well as production-line ultrasonic food cutting machines for your cutting needs. Contact us now for more details.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Automatic Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine
Model KM-UFC20
Frequency 20kHz
Rated Power 2000W
Rated Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Cutting Knife Size 250mm
Knife Material Titanium
Maximum effective cutting height 80mm
Touch Screen 7-inch touch screen
Capacity 60 cuts / min
Customization Cutting speed, depth, width, and amount can be customized per your need.
Certificate CE, FDA
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