Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Knmtech design and manufacture high-quality ultrasonic food cutting machines for our precious clients around the world.

* CE and FDA certificate approved, food-grade contact materials;

* 15+ years of expertise and experience in the ultrasonic industry;

* Provide reliable custom design and manufacture solutions;

Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

With clean and smooth cutting surfaces without any crumbs, debris, or distortion, our ultrasonic food cutting equipment can be used to cut a wide range of food products, including bread, cake, cheese, pastry, pet food, meat, vegetables, and desserts, and is suitable for shapes such as straight lines, curved lines, square and rectangles, triangles, circles, and customized shapes per your needs. We not only supply standard ultrasonic cake cutting machines but also design and manufacture your ultrasonic food slicer according to your specific needs with our technology.

ultrasonic food cutting system 255mm cutter

Full-wave length titanium ultrasonic slicing blade, with economical type generator, good performance for food cutting.

Ultrasonic food cutting components from Knmtech

Full-wave length titanium ultrasonic slicing blade, with advanced type generator, easy operation, and support RS485 communication.

Desptop Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine from Knmtech

Entry-level ultrasonic food cutting machine, for food with round and rectangular shapes. Manual cutting and manual cleaning blade.

ultrasonic Bread Cake cutting machine -in main page

For round, cube, and rectangular food shapes and sizes; UV sterilization and automatical cleaning function.

Automatic Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine - in main page

Cross-cutting, wedge cutting, square cutting, rectangular cutting, and triangle cutting, customization is available per your food requirements.


Support cutting a wide range of shapes and angles with auto cleaning functions meeting the diverse requirements of users.


Parameters can be set visually; Width, height, and cutting speed can be adjusted to cut different foods per customers’ needs.

Ultrasonic Sandwich Cutting Machine - in main pages

For triangles, rectangles, and square types of food. Cutting Speed, conveyor speed can be adjusted according to specific requirements.

Automatic Bread skin removing machine - in main page

Automatic bread skin removing machine for bread and toast skin removing and peeling. Cutting speed and thickness can be adjusted.

Ultrasonic Food Cutter Blade

Ultrasonic food cutting blades are incredibly precise and can make clean, accurate cuts without damaging the surrounding food. Industrial ultrasonic cutters for food operate at high speeds while producing less heat, which can significantly reduce cutting time and the risk of burns compared to traditional methods. Easy to clean, sanitize, and safe for industrial food processing.


90mm half-wave length ultrasonic cake food cutter blade, smooth and neat effect.


Ultrasonic cake slicer 160mm half-wave length ultrasonic slicer blade, long service life.


Ultrasonic slicer blade 200mm half-wave length ultrasonic food cutting kinfe.

ultrasonic food cutting blade 255mm half wave

Titanium blade 255mm half-wave length ultrasonic food slicing blade, long service life.


Titanium Blade 300mm half-wave length ultrasonic cutting sonotrode for food.

ultrasonic food cutter 305mm Titanium Blade for cake slicingjpg

305mm half-wave length titanium ultrasonic food cutting blade.Long service life.

Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Feature

speed (2)
Fast Speed

The ultrasonic cutting system cutting speed is fast and with high precision, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.

high quality
High Quality

Reliable incision, accurate and smooth cutting edge, no deformation, no warping edge, wrinkling, and so on.

easy to opearte
Easy Installation

The ultrasonic cutting knife is small in size, convenient, and can be used with a mechanical arm and automation equipment.

no noise
Small Noise

The ultrasonic cutting process will only produce a small noise, no need to use other equipment for anti-noise treatment.

Advantages For Food Cutting

Knmtech provides ultrasonic cutting components and full ultrasonic food cutting machines for the food industry around the world. Ultrasonic cutters for food use high-frequency waves of vibration to quickly cut food, eliminating the downtime associated with the continuous cleaning of traditional cutting blades. Ultrasonic food cutting machine provides a new way to cut, slice, and automatically slice a variety of different food, with the feature of a flat cutting surface, no string color, and no sticking to the knife edge. The production process is streamlined, and the rejection rate is low.

Food Cutting Application
customize ultrasonic food cutting machine

Ultrasonic Slicing Solutions

Besides the ultrasonic cutting systems and standard ultrasonic food cutters, we also provide customized ultrasonic food cutting machines, we have over 15 years of expertise and experience in the ultrasonic food cutting industry and are able to find the best possible solutions(continuous cutting or intermittent cutting)  for your project to meet your needs. Our technical engineers will analyze your project requirements based on the knowledge of the structure and function of our ultrasonic cutting system and machines, after which find the solution for your project.

Application Show of Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine

ultrasonic food cutting machine for sandwich cutting1

The fully automatic ultrasonic food cutting equipment uses the vibration of high-frequency waves to process food quickly and can cut in all directions according to the needs, and can cut the triangle shape of sandwiches. The ultrasonic cutter for food will position and cut the product according to the set parameters.

ultrasonic food cutting for wafer biscuit

Using ultrasonic energy to cut food can reduce friction, the incision is smooth and neat, with no crumbs, and no broken edges. Compared with the traditional cutting of wafer biscuits, ultrasonic cutting not only ensures the beautiful cut surface but also greatly speeds up the cutting processing speed and improves the production efficiency of the factory.

ultrasonic food cutting for pizza

The ultrasonic slicing cutter is capable of cutting cakes, pies, pizzas, etc. Ultrasonic food cutting has more advantages than traditional methods: the cutting surface is clean and flat, the cutting knife has a long service life, and more importantly, it can reduce the time of production downtime due to cleaning and maintenance of the cutting knife surface.

ultrasonic food cutting for cheese

When cutting butter, the ultrasonic cutter vibrates at a frequency of 20kHz (or 30/40kHz) so that butter residue does not remain on the blade surface. The cut butter surface is very clean and the separation between the layers is well maintained.

ultrasonic food cutting for bread

The industrial ultrasonic cutting machine for food can cut soft square bread. The cut bread has the same size, flat incision, beautiful appearance, clear edges and corners, and no residue. During the cutting process, it can be designed to complete the cutting operation fully automatically, without human intervention, and improve work efficiency.

Solutions for commercial cake rolls

The ultrasonic food-cutting machine uses a food-grade titanium alloy knife and ultrasonic waves to cut cakes, minimizing the problem of cream and crumbs sticking to the knife. The ultrasonic cake cutter can not only reduce manpower and time but also improve production efficiency and the aesthetics of cutting.

ultrasonic food cutting machine banner2
china ultrasonic food cutting machine manufacturer

We manufacture and supply complete types of ultrasonic food cutting machines, ultrasonic cutting systems and provide custom design options to meet your specific needs.

Application Industries

  • “We tested the ultrasonic food cutting machine and it can cut food with high precision, we will let you know about future purchases soon.”

  • “Knmtech is a reliable China supplier when you are planning to import ultrasonic food cutting machines from China. They provide high-quality products and services. “

  • “China ultrasonic cake cutting machine factory provides cake cutting machines with titanium blades, we would like to order more.”


Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine Guide

Before ordering the ultrasonic food cutting machine or the ultrasonic food cutting system, take a look at the guide below:

What kind of food can be cut by ultrasonic food cutting machines?

The ultrasonic food cutting machines can cut a wide range of food items, including but not limited to:

  1. Bread and baked goods
  2. Cakes and pastries
  3. Sandwiches and wraps
  4. Cheese and dairy products
  5. Meat and poultry
  6. Fruits and vegetables
  7. Candy and confectionery
  8. Chocolate and nougat
  9. Nut bars and energy bars
  10. Frozen desserts

These machines are designed to provide precise and efficient cutting for various types of food, ensuring clean and uniform slices without compromising the quality or texture of the products.

What is the cutting speed of an ultrasonic food cutting machine? Does it affect the quality of the food?

The cutting speed of an ultrasonic food cutting machine can vary depending on factors such as the type and thickness of the food being cut, as well as the specific machine model. Generally, ultrasonic cutting machines are known for their high cutting speeds, which can range from a few hundred millimeters per second to several meters per second.

When properly used, the cutting speed of an ultrasonic food cutting machine does not significantly impact the quality of the food. In fact, the high-frequency vibrations produced by the machine help to create clean and precise cuts without causing excessive heat or pressure on the food. This means that the food’s texture, shape, and overall quality are preserved during the cutting process.

However, it’s important to note that the operator should adjust the cutting speed based on the specific characteristics of the food being cut. Delicate or soft foods may require slower cutting speeds to avoid damage, while harder or denser foods may benefit from higher cutting speeds for efficient slicing. Properly optimizing the cutting speed ensures optimal results and helps maintain the quality of the food being processed.

What kind of the material is the ultrasonic cutting blade?

Titanium alloy. Ultrasonic cutting blade frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade. Excellent cutting effect on frozen, viscous, and elastic materials.

Does ultrasonic cutting affect the nutritional value of food?

Ultrasonic cutting does not significantly affect the nutritional value of food. The cutting process is non-thermal, which helps preserve the natural nutrients present in the food. Therefore, the nutritional value of the food remains largely intact even after being cut using an ultrasonic cutting machine.

Does ultrasonic cutting affect the appearance of food? Does it cause deformation or damage?

Ultrasonic cutting has minimal impact on the appearance of food. The cutting process is precise and clean, resulting in smooth and neat cuts. It minimizes the chances of deformation or damage to the food, ensuring that the food maintains its original shape and integrity. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting is an effective method to achieve accurate and visually appealing food presentation.

Do the cutting blades of ultrasonic food cutting machines need to be replaced frequently to accommodate cutting different types of food?

The frequency of blade replacement in ultrasonic food cutting machines depends on several factors, including the type and volume of food being cut, the blade material, and the operating conditions. In general, ultrasonic cutting blades are designed to be durable and long-lasting, capable of handling a variety of food products. However, over time, continuous usage and wear may affect the sharpness and cutting efficiency of the blades. It is recommended to monitor the condition of the blades and replace them as needed to maintain optimal cutting performance and ensure food quality and safety. The specific replacement interval may vary and can be determined based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and the machine’s usage patterns. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning of the blades can also help prolong their lifespan and maintain their cutting effectiveness.

How long will the ultrasonic cutting blade last?

Our ultrasonic cutting blades are made of titanium, a completely inert material approved by the food industry. Titanium has good fatigue strength, surface hardness, and excellent acoustic properties. Cutting horns from Knmtech can last for years before the fatigue property of the horn become an issue.

Do ultrasonic food cutter blade need to be sharp enough?

Conventional cutting uses a tool with a sharp edge that is pressed against the material to be cut. This pressure is concentrated at the edge and is so strong that it exceeds the shear strength of the material to be cut, and the molecular bonds of the material are pulled apart and cut.

While the ultrasonic cutting blade is used by converting ultrasonic energy into mechanical vibration energy to achieve the function of cutting vibration, using the cutting edge of the cutter, the ultrasonic energy will be concentrated into the cutting part of the material being cut, the part will be instantly softened and melted under the action of huge ultrasonic energy, and the strength will be reduced, at this time, as long as a very small cutting pressure is applied, the purpose of material cutting can be achieved. So there’s no need that the ultrasonic cutting blades to be as sharp as the traditional cutter.


Does using an ultrasonic food cutting machine require training or professional skills?

Using an ultrasonic food cutting machine typically requires some training or familiarity with the equipment. While the operation of the machine is generally user-friendly, understanding its features, settings, and safety guidelines is important for optimal usage. Training programs or guidance from the manufacturer can help users acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the machine efficiently and safely. It is recommended to receive proper training or seek professional guidance to ensure effective and accurate utilization of the ultrasonic food cutting machine.

What is the safety performance of an ultrasonic food cutting machine? Does it have protective devices and emergency stop functions?

Ultrasonic food cutting machines are designed with safety in mind and often come equipped with various protective devices and emergency stop functions. These features are put in place to ensure the well-being of operators and prevent accidents or injuries during operation. Common safety mechanisms include protective covers or shields to prevent direct contact with the cutting blade, sensors that detect abnormal conditions or obstructions, and emergency stop buttons that immediately halt the machine’s operation in critical situations. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines to effectively utilize these safety features and maintain a secure working environment while using the ultrasonic food cutting machine.

How to clean an ultrasonic food cutting machine? Is it necessary to disassemble the blades for cleaning?

When cleaning an ultrasonic food cutting machine, it is generally not necessary to disassemble the blades.

The method for cleaning an ultrasonic food cutting machine depends on the specific equipment model and manufacturer’s recommendations. Some machines come with a cleaning tank function, while others do not. Generally, you can follow these steps to clean the machine:

1. Disconnect the power: Ensure that the equipment is unplugged before cleaning to ensure safe operation.
2. Remove residue: Use a scraper or soft brush to remove any leftover food particles and debris from the cutting area.
3. Clean with a cleaning solution: Use an appropriate cleaning agent or soapy water to wipe the cutting area and machine surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge, ensuring the thorough removal of dirt.
4. Dry and disinfect: Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry the cutting area and machine surfaces, and apply an appropriate disinfectant for disinfection.
5. Cleaning of food-contact parts: If necessary, clean and disinfect the food-contact parts according to the equipment’s user manual or the manufacturer’s recommended method.

Please note that the specific cleaning steps may vary depending on the equipment model and manufacturer. It is recommended to refer to the equipment’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for accurate cleaning guidelines.

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