What To Do If The Ultrasonic Generator Shows Overload?

Different ultrasonic welding machines will be equipped with corresponding ultrasonic generators. The ultrasonic generator has an overload alarm function, that is, an alarm reminder will be issued when the ultrasonic welding machine is overloaded. So why does the ultrasonic welding machine send an overload alarm?

Ways To Find Out Solutions For the Generator Overload Problem


When the welding horn is working normally, the amplitude is very uniform, and the hand feels very smooth to touch the surface of the welding horn. When the sound energy is not transmitted smoothly, the hand feels shaking, just use the elimination method to eliminate the faulty component.

frequency adjustment

The frequency mismatch between the ultrasonic vibration system and the ultrasonic generator can cause overloading. Therefore, before using the ultrasonic welding machine, the ultrasonic frequency should be tested first. In addition, when the machine is used for a period of time, the mold and electronic components will change, and the heating will cause the frequency shift, which cannot be adjusted automatically. This needs attention.


The connection of the cables will also affect the machine, and a short circuit or an open circuit may cause overload, but the conditions of different cables are also different and should be judged according to the actual situation.

ultrasonic welding system

For digital ultrasonic welding machines, during the no-load test, if the welding machine has an alarm sound, there will be a tip message on the operation panel, just check the corresponding welding machine components according to the tips. For more professional guidance, please contact our service team.

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