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The ultrasonic horn is also called ultrasonic sonotrode. Knmtech provides high-quality ultrasonic horns for ultrasonic plastic welding, non-woven fabric welding, metal welding, and so on. Standard and customized ultrasonic sonotrodes are available. Ultrasonic horn materials include aluminum, titanium, hardened steel, and stainless steel.

Each set of ultrasonic welding horns and molds we provide, whether they are standard products or customized ones, are made of the best materials and are tested repeatedly. The shape, strength and audio parameters of the ultrasonic welding horn have been tested many times to meet the most stringent standards, and the ultrasonic welding generator, transducer, and ultrasonic horn are perfectly matched.


Ultrasonic welding machine horn, also known as ultrasonic welding head, ultrasonic sonotrode, is an important part of the ultrasonic welding machine, the ultrasonic horn design good or bad will directly determine the welding effect of the workpiece.

ultrasonic horn
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* Ultrasonic horns are designed with the finite element analysis simulation program before production.

* Experienced staff improve existing ultrasonic horn designs and develop new horns for various requirements.

* Testing are conducted under strict regulations to ensure that each ultrasonic horn is precisely matched to other ultrasonic components.

* The segmented and adjustable fixtures are designed as well to ensure a secure fit with the workpiece.


Knmtech can provide you with different sizes of ultrasonic horns for plastic ,nonwoven fabric and metal welding and cutting. Our cooperated team has 15+ years of expertise in designing and building the ultrasonic horns by means of FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation. Standard and customized models are available, get in touch with knmtech technology team today!

ultrasonic welding horn

People Also Ask:

Why are there slots on an ultrasonic welding horn?

The slots in the ultrasonic welding horn are all longitudinal, to ensure the maximum vibration amplitude of the ultrasonic waves in the longitudinal direction.

How to test the frequency of ultrasonic welding horn?

Connect the ultrasonic horn to the ultrasonic transducer or the ultrasonic system, then connect the output line to the impedance analyzer, and then set the frequency range search, the lowest impedance, and good waveform is the resonant frequency. Using an impedance analyzer to test the frequency can be very accurate to see the frequency and vibration state of the ultrasonic horn.

Could you customize the ultrasonic horn based on our requirements?

Yes, sure. The ultrasonic horn can be customized based on your project samples.

What do I need to do to get the right ultrasonic horn for my projects?

Please provide the material, size of your product, and welding requirements, such as waterproofing, air tightness, etc.   You’d better provide product 3D drawings. So that we can design and process the ultrasonic horn to meet your welding requirements.

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