Ultrasonic metal welding technology and electric vehicles

Wire harnesses product in ultrasonic metal welding

The connection of automobile parts requires a metal wiring harness. With the development of new energy vehicles and intelligent driving, wiring harness connections are crucial for vehicle controllers and sensing units, which will always affect the performance of autonomous vehicles. Ultrasonic metal welding has become a way to ensure reliable connections in automotive wiring harnesses. With the development of ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic wire splicers will become the best welder for automotive.Ultrasonic metal welding technology and electric vehicles

Why automotive needs ultrasonic wire splicing

  1. Ultrasonic metal welding wire connects wire splices to wire harnesses, and wire harnesses to terminals. Its high welding strength is comparable to raw materials. This reliable and stable welding strength is one of the reasons why it is suitable for automotive welding.
  2. Ultrasonic welding produces low thermal stress on the parts (the welding temperature is much lower than the melting point of the parts), so the inherent properties of the material to be welded and the surrounding materials will not be changed, allowing the welding wire to maintain good electrical conductivity and meagre resistance. This is the reason why ultrasonic welding is suitable for automobiles.
  3. Ultrasonic welding is fast and can monitor all welding parameters to ensure welding yield. Semi-automatic machines that are relatively easy to operate make assembly line production safer and more efficient. This is also the third reason why ultrasonic welding is needed for the automotive industry.
  4. Ultrasonic waves can also be used for welding different materials, such as nickel plating on copper terminals and aluminium wire welding to ensure extremely high welding strength.Ultrasonic metal welding technology and electric vehicles

Metal foil and electric car batteries

Today’s rapidly developing electric vehicles are regarded as the future of the automotive industry. The performance of an electric car’s lithium battery will affect the car’s performance. Ultrasonic welding has become the preferred solution for the metal connection of lithium batteries. From 5μm metal foil to sheet metal, large-scale welding of copper plate wire harness, ultrasonic welding is the best choice.

Ultrasonic metal welding technology and electric vehicles1


Ultrasonic metal welding technology has proven to be the premier metal joining process that can meet the quality requirements of high repeatability, high weld quality and high production efficiency at an industrial scale.

KNMTech has been deeply involved in the ultrasonic metal welding industry for 15 years. We offer a wide range of ultrasonic wire splicers for sale.


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