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  • ultrasonic plastic welder pts2000-1
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  • ultrasonic plastic welder pts2000-2
  • ultrasonic plastic welder pts2000-1
  • ultrasonic plastic welder pts2000-3
  • ultrasonic plastic welder pts2000-4

Advanced Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine PTS2000

checked Varieties of  Models and Supplements

Frequency: 15KHz, 20kHz, 35kHz available;

Power: 1000W,1200W,2200W,3000W,4000W.

checked Three Welding Modes

Time, Energy, and Time+Energy modes are available.

checked Advanced and Precise Ultrasonic Welder

Integrated with the mechanical pressure sensor, balance system, lifting system, etc., the 7-inch touch screen makes it easier to operate.


The PTS2000 series ultrasonic welding machine is equipped with an external 7-inch touchscreen display panel, which is intuitive and convenient to program and view parameters. Equipped with a 100% digitally controlled ultrasonic generator,  the ultrasonic welder achieves real-time automatic frequency tracking, and circuit protection functions.With three welding modes(time, energy, time+energy), three amplitude management(fixed, stage(time), and stage(energy) ), quality, data, and safety management are combined to accurately control your welding process for consistent and reliable welding results.

Integrated with various high-precision control technologies such as the mechanical pressure sensor, balance system, positioning system, lifting system, etc., additional ports are also provided for supporting the optional auxiliary equipment such as  X, and Y shifters, acoustic enclosures, membrane winders, protective light curtains, etc., PTS series ultrasonic welding machine can meet your high welding requirements on site.

Technical Data

Max. Stroke100mm75mm75mm75mm75mm75mm75mm75mm
Max.Weld Force3020N3020N3020N1870N1870N1170N1170N1170N
Motion SystemPneumatics
Voltage200-240VAC stable output
Welding modeTime/Energy/Time+Energy
Trigger modeDelay time/Pressure
Intelligent managementAmplitude/Quality/Data/Safety Management
Operating Device7 inches touch screen panel
FeatureUSB data export/welding record/data statistics
Working rackSquare column
languageChinese/ English
Warranty1 year
Auxiliary equipment Supporttooling clamping, X, and Y shifters, protective light curtains, film rollers, acoustic enclosure lift gates, etc.

Advantages of PTS2000 Series

liner rail lifting system

Ultra-Rigid Structure

The ultra-rigid structure provides reduced deflection for superior weld consistency. The micrometer-scale positioning system on the right side of the equipment ensures the accuracy of the welding position, and the linear sliding rail lifting system controls the rise and fall of the welding head electrically, making the ultrasonic plastic welder easy to use and with high performance.

Intelligent Management

Four Intelligent Management

The PTS2000 series ultrasonic welding machine has a 7-inch user interface with a full touch screen for intuitive operation and program; Four intelligent managements for amplitude, quality, data, and safety, ensuring precise control of the welding process and consistent and reliable weld results.

intelligent management-2

Detailed Show

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine PTS2000 Structure Details

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine PTS2000

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Introduction of the Touch Screen Interface of PTS2000 Series

Here we show the main function interface of the PTS2000 series ultrasonic plastic welder:
1. Horn Adjustment Menu: support auto frequency search, sonic test, trigger base, support two trigger modes selection (delay time mode and pressure mode).
2. Setting Menu: according to the product welding needs, you can set the amplitude mode, welding mode, curing time, and shake-off amplitude; While the amplitude adjustment supports three amplitude modes(fixed, stage(time), and stage(energy) ); Welding mode adjustment supports three welding modes( time, energy, and time+energy).
3. Quality Management Menu: time and energy range can be set to monitor the quality of welded products.
4. Welding Record Menu: can record each welding data in detail.
5. Production Statistics: can monitor the number of welding, pass rate suspected defective and other data.
6. Factory Setting Menu: support start-up mode selection, model type selection, and language selection.

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