Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Supplier

KNMTech  SONIC provides one-stop solutions for ultrasonic welding plastic, for high-quality joining applications in automotive, packaging, medical devices, electronics, etc. from welding small delicate elements to large plastic parts.

  •  SGS, CE, ISO9001 Certification;
  • Over 15 years of expertise in the ultrasonic welding business;
  • Standard, Advanced, Excellent, and customized series sonic welders for plastic available;
  • Strictly standardized production lines provide you with high-quality ultrasonic plastic welding machine.
  • Experienced service team provides high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic welding machines can weld all thermoplastics. 

Knmtech ultrasonic plastic welding machines are very popular with our customers for their clean, energy-saving, eco-friendly, high efficient, and highly stable features. Knmtech offers four series(Standard, Advanced, Excellent, Servo) of ultrasonic plastic welders(15kHz, 20kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz), as well as customized automatic welders to meet your joining needs, and we design, develop and manufacture the customized toolings/horns (steel/aluminium/titanium), which is durable and wear resistant.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine DX5 series in main page

DX5 series with high precision. Servo motion control system. With 6 welding modes. Support IoT. High-end plastic ultrasonic welding equipment.

ultrasonic plastic welder FU2025 series

This machine is the perfect pneumatically controlled ultrasonic welding equipment
Trigger mode: time/pressure/depth. Multifunctional welding.

ultrasonic plastic welding machine PTS2000 series3

Advanced series. Pneumatic control system. Trigger mode: time/pressure. Achieve a higher performance ratio. Hot-selling plastic ultrasonic welding equipment.

ultrasonic plastic welding equipment -DS400

Standard series. Pneumatic control system. Trigger mode: time/external. Basic entry-level pop-up machine. Hot-selling plastic ultrasonic welding equipment.

Ultrasonic actuator for Automation Line

KNMTECH offers ultrasonic welding system designs suitable for fully automated production.

handheld ultrasonic plastic welder-370-370

This handheld welder makes your welding scenes more diverse and the operation more portable.

35KHz Ultrasonic Handheld Welder from Knmtech

35KHz intelligent ultrasonic hand welder with a cooling system is suitable for industries including automotive, electronics, etc.

Ultrasonic Rotary Welding Machine DS400R with A turntable

Pneumatic control system. The ultrasonic welding machine with an automatic turntable and a manipulator for highly efficient processing.

ultrasonic spot welder-370-370

Consists of an intelligent ultrasonic welding generator and a welding gun, no need for designed joints or energy director on the welding surface, and good welding performance.

Ultrasonic Plastic Runner Removing Machine

Ultrasonic plastic runner remover, which is designed to streamline and enhance plastic manufacturing processes.

ultrasonic Plastic Welder with stable - FU2025_1

Pneumatic control system. Electronic control lifting system, and a powerful management system.

ultrasonic plastic welding machine with stable -PTS2000

Pneumatic control system. Integrated a variety of process control technologies to meet the requirements of the complex joining requirements.


high efficiency
High Efficiency

Welding time is very short, usually in the range  (0.05-1 seconds), fast and accurate.

Easy to Use

No need to add adhesives, the working steps are shortened, and Simple.

Stable Performance

All welding parameters can be tracked, mechanized production, stable and reliable.


Replace the traditional welding process, low cost, and reduce labor and costs.

Ultrasonic Welder DX5 Series

DX5 series ultrasonic plastic sonic welder is an intelligent ultrasonic servo control press. Multi-stage welding speed control, pressure, and amplitude control; Welding result detection, graphical analysis for high precision and consistent welding results. It is almost the most high-end plastic ultrasonic welding equipment in China.

numberNo Streamlined structure and 10-inch touch screen;

numberNo DXmax servo system, Multi-stage welding speed control, pressure, and amplitude control;

numberNo Multiple welding modes (time, energy, ground, absolute depth, relative depth);

numberNoSoft Touch mode support, 5ms acquisition frequency automatic tracking;

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine DX5 series in main feature side
High Precision Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine With Multiple Functions

Ultrasonic Welder FU2025 Series

FU2025 series plastic sonic welder is an intelligent ultrasonic pneumatic press with high adaptability and scalability. Equipped with the pneumatic system, and digital ultrasonic generator,  available in multiple welding modes. High-precision welding process control with weld graph.

numberNo Compact, electric linear slide lifting system;

numberNo Stroke limit system with graduated scale for high-precision control;

numberNo Six welding modes and three trigger modes for complex welding requirements.

Ultrasonic Welder PTS2000 Series

PTS2000 series plastic sonic welder is Knmtech advanced ultrasonic plastic welding machine, equipped with a mechanical pressure sensor, and micrometer positioning systems for high-precision process control. Frequency is available in 15kHz, 20kHz, and 35kHz.

numberNo Electric linear slide lifting system;

numberNo 7-inch color touch screen for intuitive operation.

numberNo Stroke limit system with graduated scale for high-precision control;

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine PTS2000 Series
Standard Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine DS400 series

Ultrasonic Welder DS400 Series

DS400 series plastic sonic welder is Knmtech entry-level ultrasonic plastic welder. Compact, easy to operate, and with stable performance, The ultrasonic pneumatic press has been our pop-up product for years.

numberNo 4.3-inch built-in touchscreen;

numberNo 100% digitally controlled ultrasonic generator.

numberNo Four intelligent management ensures precise process control.

Why Choose KNMTECH Ultrasonic Welder For Sale?

Why Choose KNMTECH Ultrasonic Welder For Sale?KNMTECH ultrasonic welders are extremely stable. Moreover, we have fast delivery dates and provide perfect after-sales service. Choosing a KNMTECH  ultrasonic welder for sale is equivalent to choosing a stable machine, cost-effective products, comprehensive after-sales service, and a trustworthy friend.

High-Performance Ultrasonic Welding Solution

The ultrasonic plastic welder is equipped with a digital ultrasonic welding system, a welding management system, and a data management system to track and monitor the welding data. Once set, the welded plastic products have good sealing performance and high consistency, which greatly reduces the rejection rate.

The ultrasonic welder is controlled by two buttons, which has high operation safety, and there is no radiation, no smoke, no peculiar smell during the welding process, and it is clean, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free;

For different plastic products, we support the design and customize special ultrasonic welding heads to enhance the utilization rate of the machine; We not only make the ultrasonic welding toolings, we know how to maximize the matching of molds with your products to achieve the best ultrasonic welding results.
As the ultrasonic plastic welding machine has the output and input signals, it can be connected to the automation equipment to realize the automatic operation.

Choose Knmtech Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

ultrasonic welding machine factory
ultrasonic plastic welding machines

Do you need help with your project in plastic welding? Knmtech can be your reliable solution provider.

Knmtech Sonic can provide you with stable ultrasonic welding machines. The stability of the equipment is especially important for ultrasonic welding machines. Only when the ultrasonic welding machine can output ultrasonic waves stably can the production yield rate be improved.

We have different series of ultrasonic welding equipment for various applications and support non-standard machines and customized automation equipment. According to your product 3D drawings, materials, and requirements, we will provide free sample test welding and recommend suitable ultrasonic welding solutions for you.

Knmtech Sonic System is a professional ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer in China with an R&D team, operations team, assembly team, sales team, and after-sales service team. We also have agents abroad. If you need to wholesale and purchase ultrasonic welding machines for sale, welcome to our factory to consult. We get your back if you need the sonic welder for plastic parts. Feel free to reach out.


Application of Sonic Welder for Plastic

automotive dashboard

Generally, the material of the automotive dashboard is PP, PC, ABS, PVC, etc., which can be welded by ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, by assembling the corresponding welding sonotrode to achieve perfect welding. The joining seams are precise and not overflowing, and welded dashboard is firm and beautiful.

air filter

The filter material is generally PP, PA, and PVC. When processing filters, it is necessary to ensure good air and water tightness. Selecting ultrasonic bonding air filter accessories can meet this requirement with high precision size and the appearance will not be scratched.

Medical Infusion Bag

The common material of the medical infusion bag is PP or TPE.Use ultrasonic to weld the medical infusion bag tightly, significantly reduce the volume of the sealing area, and ensure there is no air in the bag. With short welding time, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, and high reliability.

Bluetooth headset

The common material of the Bluetooth headset is ABS or PC, the welding of the Bluetooth headset not only requires the welding seal to be free of spillage and has a beautiful appearance, but also to ensure that the internal electronic equipment will not be damaged due to welding. Ultrasonic welder can meet the above requirements through servo motors.

Electric iron

Home appliances that are closely related to our lives, such as electric irons, must be strong and durable. The common shell material of the electric irons is ABS and PP. Selecting ultrasonic bonding technology can ensure the plastic parts of the electric irons are sealed, firm, and beautiful, and guarantee the safety of the internal electrical and electronic integration.

ultrasonic welding machine suppiler
China Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

One-stop ultrasonic plastic welding machine supplier committed to ultrasonic welding high-end technology applications.

  • “We are very glad to find an ultrasonic welding supplier like you, with good service, and wish your business will continue to be prosperous.”

  • “I highly recommend Knmtech if your projects require ultrasonic plastic welding technology, their team is powerful in providing valuable products and service.”

  • “The ultrasonic welding system works well with our automation equipment. We are so happy to cooperate with you.”

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Selection Guide

Before choosing ultra sonic welder for your plastic products, read the guide below; Here is a list that covers the frequently asked questions.

What is the principle of ultrasonic plastic welding?

The principle of ultrasonic plastic welding is not only related to the ultrasonic waves output by the machine. It also has something to do with the sound conductivity of the plastic and whether it is a thermoplastic.
Simply put, the principle of ultrasonic welding of plastics is that the contact surface of the plastic has poor conductivity of ultrasonic waves and the temperature will be higher. The high temperatures generated by ultrasonic waves cause the thermoplastic to undergo a glass transition temperature. Finally, the molecular chains of plastic slide and recombine, cool and weld to a strength comparable to the raw material.

What are the advantage of ultrasonic plastic welders?

Ultrasonic plastic welders have many advantages in the manufacturing and assembly of plastic components and are now acceptable in many industries. The common advantages are listed below:

1. Fast and Efficient:

Ultrasonic welding plastic can be done within 1 second or even less, which is fast and greatly improves the industry production efficiency.

2. No Consumables:

No like other traditional welding methods, ultrasonic welding technology needs no consumables, such as glues, screws, and other additional materials.

3. Energy-Efficient:

Ultrasonic welding technology uses focused ultrasonic vibration to generate heat only in the area that needs to be welded, which results in less energy consumption compared to other common heating methods.

4. Stable and chemically resistant:

Ultrasonic welding for plastics is the process of melting and reforming molecular bonds. The weld will be more stable than ordinary welding and resistant to chemical corrosion, making it suitable for the medical industry.

5. Reduced Material Distortion:

Because of the locally focused heat generated by the ultrasonic vibration of the ultrasonic welding technology, it minimizes the overall thermal impact on the surrounding material, which results in reduced material distortion or damage.

6. Vasatility:

Ultrasonic welding can be used for a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including hard-to-weld materials such as certain engineering plastics. It makes ultrasonic welding a preferred choice in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and medical devices.

7. Automation Compatibility:

Ultrasonic welding is adaptable to automation systems, which enhances precision, consistency, and overall production efficiency.

8. Environmentally Friendly:

Ultrasonic welding doesn’t involve the use of potentially harmful substances.

9. Joining Complex Geometries:

Ultrasonic welding is capable of joining parts with complex geometries and intricate designs, providing flexibility in the design and manufacturing of plastic components.

While ultrasonic plastic welding offers the advantages above, it’s essential to consider specific application requirements and material compatibility to determine the most suitable joining method for a given project. If you have plastic joining requirements, please first contact our professional team for expert suggestions.


Is ultrasonic welding permanent?

Ultrasonic plastic welding uses ultrasonic waves to cause high temperatures and changes in the molecular layer of plastic parts. Therefore, ultrasonic plastic welding is permanent and irreversible.

Can polycarbonate be ultrasonically welded?

Sure. Thermoplastics can be well welded by ultrasound. Common plastic types that can be welded by ultrasonic are acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS), polystyrene(PS), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polyphenylene oxide(PPO), Polypropylene(PP), Polyethylene(PE), Polycarbonate(PC), Pci Universal Communications(PUC), poly(methylmethacrylate(PMMA), Polyphenylene Sulfide(PPS), polybutylene terephthalate(PBT), Polyethylene terephthalate glycol(PETG), Polyamide(PA), Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC), etc.

Is ultrasonic welding robotics?

Ultrasonic welding is a welding method that uses ultrasonic technology to weld plastics, metals, and other materials. Robotic welding is an automated welding process that combines welding, robotics, sensor technology, control systems, and artificial intelligence. As technology continues to advance, ultrasonic bonding and automation can be combined to meet higher quality, productivity, and cost reduction requirements.

Is ultrasonic welding waterproof?

Plastic product welding requires water tightness or airtightness in some industries. Before choosing ultrasonic welding machines, consider the plastic product itself first:
1. Determine whether the material of the plastic product can be ultrasonically welded;
2. Whether the wall thickness structure of the upper and lower parts of the plastic product is suitable for the positioning of the energy conductor;
3. Whether the structure of the product to be welded is a flat structure or a concave-convex structure;
Any questions, you can consult our professional team to help you. Just Feel free to contact us.

Is ultrasonic welding permanent?

Ultrasonic bonding takes a short time so that the plastic products are instantly melted and fused, the welding is firm, and new molecular bonds are formed between the welding materials, making ultrasonic welding irreversible. The welding strength is close to the raw material, but the accessories cannot be disassembled and replaced.

Can ultrasonic welding damage electronic components?

Generally, a high-frequency welding machine is chosen. Under the same conditions, the amplitude of the machine will be smaller and it will not easily damage precision components. Currently, KNMSONIC’s ultrasonic welding machines can detect depth and pressure data in real-time, collect millisecond-level frequency, and support SOFT touch mode to protect sensitive welds.

Can PVC be ultrasonic welded?

Because PVC can conduct ultrasonic very well, and PVC is a thermoplastic, it is easy to weld PVC with ultrasonic. This article explains the principles of ultrasonic welding of PVC in more detail:Can PVC Be Plastic Welded?

What are the applications of the ultrasonic welding?

Ultrasonic welding is widely used across various industries for joining plastic components.

Here are some common applications of ultrasonic welding:

  1. Automotive Industry:
    • Joining various plastic components in the interior and exterior of vehicles, such as door panels, dashboard components, lights, and air vents.
  2. Electronics:
    • Bonding plastic parts in electronic devices, including the assembly of casings, connectors, and other components.
  3. Medical Devices:
    • Assembling medical devices, such as disposable syringes, IV components, blood filters, and other plastic parts used in healthcare applications.
  4. Packaging:
    • Sealing and welding plastic packaging materials, such as blister packs, clamshells, and other types of packaging used in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.
  5. Consumer Goods:
    • Joining plastic components in the production of household appliances, toys, and other consumer products.
  6. Textile Industry:
    • Welding and sealing synthetic fabrics and textiles in the production of clothing, bags, and other textile products.
  7. Aerospace:
    • Assembling plastic components in the aerospace industry, where lightweight and durable materials are crucial.
  8. Electrical Components:
    • Joining plastic parts in the production of electrical components, such as connectors, switches, and housings.
  9. Toys and Games:
    • Assembling plastic parts in the manufacturing of toys, games, and recreational products.
  10. Appliances:
    • Joining plastic components in the production of appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners.
  11. Filters and Seals:
    • Welding plastic filters and seals are used in various industries, including automotive, HVAC, and industrial applications.
  12. Footwear Industry:
    • Welding and bonding plastic components in the production of shoes and other footwear.
  13. Renewable Energy:
    • Assembling plastic components in the manufacturing of renewable energy products, such as solar panels and wind turbine components.
  14. Custom Packaging Solutions:
    • Creating custom packaging solutions for unique product requirements, providing secure and tamper-evident seals.
  15. Stationery:
    • Joining plastic components in the production of stationery items, such as pens, folders, and other office supplies.
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