Ultrasonic Transducer Supplier

Knmtech mainly supplies high-power ultrasonic transducers with excellent conversion efficiency, which are used in ultrasonic fabric

welding machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, various handheld ultrasonic welding machines, etc. Frequencies available

are 15kHz, 20kHz, 28kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz, and can also be customized according to your special requirements.

Ultrasonic Transducer for Welding

Used to connect the welding head and the ultrasonic welding machine, converting electrical energy into sound energy and mechanical energy and transmitting it to the welding head for welding.

The ultrasonic welding transducers from Knmtech offer high power output and exceptional welding precision, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. In addition, our transducer is crafted from premium-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability. Our ultrasonic transducers feature low power loss, high conversion rates and high energy output rates.

Choose KNM ultrasonic welding transducer and experience the benefits of fast and reliable welding. We can provide you with cost-effective and high-quality accessories matching solutions that will take your production to the next level.

20kHz Ultrasonic Transducer-370-370

Capacitance: 10000 – 12000pF; With good heat resistance and high reliability. KM-JQ-T2020 is the 20KHz ultrasonic transducer for welding.

20kHz ultrasonic welding transducer-370-370

Capacitance: 18000-20000pF; Stable output, and not easy to crack. KM-XT-T2030 is the 20KHz ultrasonic welding transducer for welders.

Ultrasonic-Welding Transducer-20KHz-with-housing-11

Capacitance: 185000-21500pF; with long service life and high reliability. KM-CG-T2030 is the high power ultrasonic transducer for ultrasonic welding.

ultrasonic transducer 20

Capacitance: <17000pF; With high performance, high reliability, and minimal power losses. KM-CG-T20 is the 20kHz ultrasonic transducer for ultrasonic welding equipment.

ultrasonic transducer 15

Capacitance: <14000pF; Low impedance, high density, and a large range of work temperature. KM-CG-T1526 is the 15KHz ultrasonic welding transducer for the welding machine.

ultrasonic transducer with dual vibrator

Capacitance: <23000pF; With two converters, low calorific value, and high conversion efficiency. KM-CG-T1542 is the 15KHz ultrasonic transducer for welding machines.

Ultrasonic Welding Transducer 15kHz 3200W 18-20nF

Capacitance: 18000-20000pF; With two vibrators, low calorific value, and high conversion efficiency. KM-CG-T1532 is a high-power ultrasonic transducer for welding.

35KHz ultrasonic welding transducers2

Capacitance: 8400-9300pF; High performance with steel housing and titanium booster. KM-CG-T35 ultrasonic welding transducer for sale has high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.

35kHz ultrasonic transducer for welding-1

Capacitance: 8400-9300pF; Guaranteed quality with steel converter and the titanium booster. KM-CG-T35 is the 35KHz ultrasonic transducer for welding machines.

Ultrasonic Piezo Ceramic Discs (6)

Featuring a high resonance frequency and excellent mechanical strength, our piezo ceramic discs deliver unparalleled precision and reliability, available in various sizes, and PZT8 materials, trust in our ultrasonic piezo ceramic discs for all your transducer needs and experience the benefits of high-quality components that deliver results.


high efficiency
High Efficiency
Easy To Install
quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducer for Automation

The ultrasonic transducers for automation are high-end ultrasonic transducers of top quality at competitive prices. With Low impedance, high conversion rates, and low heat generation.

Ultrasonic Transducer-1
Ultrasonic Transducer-2

Strict Quality Control

We Strictly control the quality during production and processing to provide you with mature and reliable ultrasonic welding transducers. Knm Ultrasonic can offer you ultrasonic transducers for welding from 15kHz to 40kHz, customization is also available.

People Also Ask:

What is the lifetime of the transducer?

Depends on the quality of the transducer. All knmtech’s transducers are highly processed and adopt superior PZT ceramics. And the warranty of the transducers is one year.

What is the structure of PZT transducer ?

The transducer consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoceramic disc transducer, a backing, an outgoing cable, and a Cymbal array receiver.

How to check an ultrasonic transducer?

1. Use an impedance analyzer for professional parameter frequency detection; check whether the transducer parameters match the parameters of the ultrasonic generator and whether the ideal effect can be achieved. Improper transducers can cause damage to the product and damage to the machine.
2. It can be identified from its production process and appearance: it directly reflects the importance that technology attaches to the quality of products, and the quality of products with good technology and appearance will naturally be better (in most cases).
3. On-board inspection:
(1) Overload operation test: test the stability and life of the transducer quality. This test only requires continuous and uninterrupted operation of the rated load for 8 hours.
(2) Power output test: it can detect the matching of the transducer and the ultrasonic generator, and can reflect the power output of the generator box and the load of the transducer.

What are piezoelectric ceramics?

We know that ceramics can be considered as insulators. So we plate one side of the ceramics with silver and add a copper sheet to the other side, which becomes the two electrodes of the ceramics. Ceramics have capacitive properties and are called piezoelectric ceramics.

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