Ultrasonic Welding ABS Switch Button Process

This Monday, we received our clients’ plastic samples, these are switch buttons that are made of ABS plastic. His welding requirements are shown as follows:

Switch Button With ABS material

Figure 1 Switch Button

Ultrasonic welding is strong and commonly used for joining thermoplastics, and ABS, being a thermoplastic polymer, responds well to this welding technique. The switch buttons plastic welding lines are designed with energy directors, to concentrate and guide the ultrasonic energy to specific areas, promoting better material melting and bonding. The energy directors are shown as below:

Energy Director in the switch button

Figure 2 Energy Director

After analyzing the product material and structure, we recommended our DS400 series ultrasonic welding machine 20KHz 2500W.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine DS400 series for ABS Switch Welding

Figure 3 DS400 Series Ultrasonic Welder


Usually, when we receive the plastic samples, we will use our ultrasonic welding machine to test the Welding feasibility with our existing ultrasonic molds. If the welding results are good, we will arrange the ultrasonic mold design and processing to adapt to the plastic products.

Formal Welding Test

1.Install ultrasonic molds

The ultrasonic molds include an upper mold and a lower mold, when the ultrasonic molds are ready, we install them into the ultrasonic welding machine, as shown below, the upper mold is connected to the transducer of the welder, while the lower mold is fixed by two fixtures on the worktable.

Ultrasonic Welding Molds of The Welder

Figure 4 Ultrasonic Molds

2. Set the technical parameters

For the DS400 series ultrasonic plastic welder, we have four welding modes: time, energy, time+energy, and ground detection. We do some weld testing at first to find suitable data and set them as below:

Ultrasonic Welder Parameters Setting

Figure 5 Technical Parameter Setting

3. Welding Process

First, we measure the height of the product before welding. Then, we put the plastic switch button into the lower mold, press the start button, the ultrasonic welding head down, and start to work as the parameters set. At last, we measure the height of the button after welding. We tested the welding result is good, for more details, you can refer to the video below.

Ultrasonic Welding ABS Switch Button Process

If you have plastic welding requirements and want to choose ultrasonic welding technology, feel free to reach out to us for professional suggestions. We are always here to support you.

K&M Technologies Ltd is a one-stop solution provider in the ultrasonic welding business, our ultrasonic products can be used in different application industries, such as automotive, medical technology, battery, electronics, food, packaging machinery, etc.

Knmtech has the best sources for the design of the equipment based on over 15 years of experience of the main staff in the ultrasonic industry. We, as the one-stop solution provider, have been working closely with new technology R&D staff and mold designers since 2009, aiming at providing timely and qualified services to our precious clients around the world.

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