How Strong Is Ultrasonic Welding?

The ultrasonic welding machine is a reliable, efficient, and pollution-free new generation welding technology. Widely used in plastic and metal welding.

The Process of Ultrasonic Welding

The high-frequency vibration energy of the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the plastic parts to be welded through the welding sonotrode. The vibration energy passes through the impact friction between the surfaces of the plastic parts, and the temperature rises at the joint of the two surfaces of the plastic parts, generating high heat and making the plastic parts fast melt and bond together. When the ultrasonic wave is stopped, the plastic part is still briefly set under a fixed pressure, making the finished product welded strong and beautiful. The entire welding process only needs to be completed in an instant.

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plastic parts

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding

As ultrasonic welding melts the plastics themselves and welds them together, there is no need for flux, adhesives, or other auxiliary materials, and the welding is firm, fast and beautiful in appearance. Greatly increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves quality for mass-produced plastic parts welding.

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