Why Is Ultrasonic Welding Not Firm?

Ultrasonic plastic welders often have the problem of poor welding during work, which is generally caused by the following situations.

Air Pressure Problem

Our ultrasonic welding machines will undergo strict internal testing before leaving the factory, and they will be shipped normally after confirming that there is no problem. However, when the machine is used by the customers, there will be various problems of poor welding. Then you need to consider the situation of unstable air pressure. If it is a large machine for welding smaller products, you can try to replace a smaller cylinder, or add an independent air compressor to supply air to the ultrasonic plastic welding machine.

air pressure
Ultrasonic Welding Machine Power

Insufficient Ultrasonic Power

Insufficient power of the ultrasonic generator is also a factor that leads to poor welding. Considering that many customers will choose cheap welding machines when purchasing ultrasonic machines, they ignore the fact that other products will be processed and welded later. If the ultrasonic power is not large enough, the product welding area exceeds the machine welding range, it will also lead to poor welding. So we suggest you buy the ultrasonic plastic welding machine with high power to ensure subsequent use.

Parameter Adjustment Problem

Generally speaking, before the ultrasonic welding equipment leaves the factory, we will debug and lock the welding parameters, and the equipment can be used after it is powered on at the customer’s site. However, some customers reported that the welding effect is not ideal after receiving the equipment, while the welding effect of the samples before delivery is excellent. The main reason for such problems is that the equipment has certain bumps during transportation, such as the welding rack is not locked and sliding down, or mistakenly touching the parameter button when unpacking. Usually, you can contact us to solve this problem.

ultrasonic welding setting amplitude
plastic materials

Plastic Materials Itself

There are many plastic materials that can be welded by ultrasonic. If other chemical materials are added to the plastic materials that can be ultrasonic welded, it will also affect the welding fastness. For example, adding glass fiber to the PC will affect the entire welding fastness.

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