• Ultrasonic Wire Splicer KM-HMS-X00 _3
  • Ultrasonic Wire Splicer KM-HMS-X00 _4
  • Ultrasonic Wire Splicing Machine Economic Type
  • Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine Economic Type
  • Ultrasonic Wire Splicer KM-HMS-X00 _3
  • Ultrasonic Wire Splicer KM-HMS-X00 _4
  • Ultrasonic Wire Splicing Machine Economic Type
  • Ultrasonic Wire Welding Machine Economic Type

Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Economy Type

* Welding cross-section area range: 0.35-20mm²;

* Gauge Wire Range: 5 AWG – 21 AWG / 6 SWG – 22 SWG;

* High welding force up to 150kgf;

* High welding power up to 3000W;

* 7-inch HMI: process fully numerically controlled;

* Empty welding preventing function for safety;

* For aluminum, copper, silver, and chrome-nickel wires.


This ultrasonic wire splicer adopts the air cylinder motion system, which is convenient to operate, fast, and efficient welding in less than 10s, and it supports multiple welding modes. The transducer of the ultrasonic wire splicer is with strong power and good stability. The ultrasonic wire harness welding machine has the function of preventing empty welding, which can effectively prevent damage to the welding head/mold. The welding power can be monitored in real-time during welding, which can effectively guarantee the yield rate of welding. KM-HMS-X00N series ultrasonic wire welder can provide you with efficient welding methods and reduced production costs.

The ultrasonic wire welding machine can be used for welding thin materials such as aluminum, copper, silver, chrome-nickel, and other conductive metals in spot and strip welding, and can be widely used for welding between spots, strips, and wires of automotive appliances, electronic motors, electrical lead terminals, wire harnesses, end pieces, pole lugs, etc.

Ultrasonic metal welding is the use of the amount of tens of thousands of times per second high-frequency vibration wave transmission to the surface of the two metal workpieces to be welded, and then apply a certain pressure, so that the metal surface friction and the formation of molecular layers between the fusion to achieve the purpose of welding.

Technical Data

Model KM-HMS-X00N
Frequency 20kHz
Power 3000W
Maximum Weld Force 150kgf
Cross Section 0.35-20mm²
AWG Range 5 AWG – 21 AWG
SWG Range 6 SWG – 22 SWG
Diameter of the single wire core ≤Φ0.3mm
Welding mode Time
Voltage 110/220VAC,50/60Hz
Digital Panel 7 inches Touch Screen
Motion System air cylinder
air pressure >0.5mpa, dry air
Production Rate About 0.6s/pcs, based on the wires
Weight Welding Stack: 10kg /generator: 15kg
Dimension(mm*mm*mm) Welding Stack: 570*220*175 mm /generator:385*350*165mm


ultrasonic wire splicer generator2
Numerically Control

7-inch Color Touch Screen

Fully numerically controlled, digital touch screen panel display, intuitive for operation. The ultrasonic wire splicer generator has the unique functions as follows to guarantee the welding yield rate.

1. Ultrasonic scanning detection;

2. Support a variety of welding modes;

3. Anti-vacancy, anti-mistake welding;

4. Parameter/Welding Data storage;

Compact Structure

Integrated Motion System

The ultrasonic wire splicing machine adopts the air cylinder + stepping motor motion system, with fast welding speed (less than 10s), and high efficiency. Compact and integrated ultrasonic wire splicer for your splicing needs.

ultrasonic wire splicer structure


intelligent circuit
Intelligent Circuit System
touch screen
Color Touch Screen Display
balance system
Empty Welding Prevention
data management
Data Management
measuring position system
Air Pressure Detection
welding system
Welding Management

Application Show

Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Economy Type Show

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