• Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-2
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-1
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-3
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-4
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-2
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-1
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-3
  • Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welder-4

Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Integrated Type

* Welding cross-section area range: 0.35-20mm²;

* Gauge Wire Range: 5 AWG – 21 AWG / 6 SWG – 22 SWG;

* High welding force up to 150kgf;

* High welding power up to 3000W;

* 7-inch HMI: process fully numerically controlled;

* Empty welding prevention function for longest life;


This KM-HMS-X01 ultrasonic wire splicing machine is user-friendly and low-maintenance equipment that has a delicate structure and beautiful appearance. It adopts the motion system of air cylinder + stepping motor + proportional valve and also has the function of preventing empty welding, which can effectively prevent damage to the welding horn thus extending its service life. The splicing parameters of the ultrasonic wire welder can be monitored in real-time during welding, which can effectively guarantee the welding yield rate.

The ultrasonic metal splicing machine can be used for welding thin materials such as aluminum, copper, and other conductive metals in spot and strip welding. It has the ability to weld dissimilar materials and even tinned and oxidized wire also can be welded well. The ultrasonic wire welding machine is widely used for welding between spots, strips, and wires of automotive appliances, electronic motors, electrical lead terminals, wire harnesses, etc.

Ultrasonic metal welding is the use of the amount of tens of thousands of times per second high-frequency vibration wave transmission to the surface of the two metal workpieces to be welded, and then apply a certain pressure, so that the metal surface friction and the formation of molecular layers between the fusion to achieve the purpose of welding.

Technical Data

Maximum Power3000W
Maximum Weld Force150kgf
Cross Section Range0.35-20mm²
AWG Range5 AWG – 21 AWG
SWG Range6 SWG – 22 SWG
Digital Panel7 inches Touch Screen
Motion Systemair cylinder + stepping motor + proportional valve
air pressure>0.5mpa
Parameter Template50 groups
Production RateAbout 0.6s/pcs, depending on the welding square


Advantages of Ultrasonic Wire Splicer-2
Color Touch Screen

Intelligent Management

The digital full-color touchscreen panel of the ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is intuitive for operation. The ultrasonic splicer can be managed hierarchically which ensures the system is more secure. It has 50 groups of preset parameter templates for different sizes of wires to meet your joining requirement. And the machine records welding data in real-time to facilitate subsequent analysis.

Motion System

Precise Welding Control

The ultrasonic wire splicer adopts the motion system of air cylinder + stepping motor + proportional valve, with features of precise width control, and stable and precise welding air pressure. No heat is generated, and less energy is operated than resistance welding.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Wire Splicer-3


intelligent circuit
New Intelligent Circuit System
touch screen
Color Touch Screen Display
balance system
Empty Welding Prevention
data management
Data Management
measuring position system
Stepping Motor
welding system
Welding Management

Application Show

The ultrasonic wire splicer has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances, motors, communication equipment, mechanical equipment, and so on.

Ultrasonic Wire Splicer For Aluminum Copper Wire

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ultrasonic welding machine service team
How to weld wire ultrasonically?

For this ultrasonic wire splicer, we show you how to weld wire ultrasonically.
Welding operation procedure:
>> Connect the external power supply to the device;
>> Switch on the Main Power of the equipment;
>> Select the login account and enter the password;
>> Select the welding template according to the welding square size;
>> Set welding productivity;
>> Put the wire into the welding port, and step on the pedal to start welding;
>> After the welding is completed, take out the welded wire.

What materials can be welded by the ultrasonic wire welder?

The main types of materials that are industrially welded using ultrasound are pure aluminum-pure aluminum, pure aluminum-aluminum alloy, aluminum-copper, electrolytic copper-electrolytic copper, copper-copper-zinc alloy, copper-copper-beryllium alloy, brass – brass, copper-nickel (metal coating), copper-silver (metal coating), copper-gold (metal coating).

What about the maintenance of the integrated type ultrasonic wire splicer?

The requirements for the ultrasonic wire splicer maintenance mainly include the following four items:

  • Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment should be neat and tidy, with no oil or air leaks in all parts, and the chips, sundries, and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up;
  • Neat: tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly;
  • Good lubrication: continuous oil, no dry friction phenomenon;
  • Safety: follow the safety operation rules, do not overload the equipment, the safety protection devices of the equipment are complete and reliable, and eliminate unsafe factors in a timely manner.
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