How To Use An Ultrasonic Welder?

When using the ultrasonic plastic welding machine, there are many points to pay attention to, which are listed here for reference only.

Precautions Before Using Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

1. The welding machine directly uses 220v mains power, so the machine body should be properly grounded before power-on, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms;
2. When the mains voltage change is greater than 10%, an AC voltage stabilizer should be installed on the machine to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the welding machine;
3. After power-on, do not put your hand under the upper welding sonotrode to avoid high-frequency vibration and high-voltage damage;
4. When the ultrasonic sound is generated, the upper welding sonotrode shall not be brought into contact with the lower welding sonotrode, fixture, and worktable to avoid damage to the parts;
5. Before welding, remember to do a sonic inspection first, especially to replace the welding mold. This operation should not be neglected;
6. The welding mold should be designed, processed, and adjusted by professional manufacturers, otherwise it will damage the ultrasonic transducer system of the welding machine;

how to use an ultrasonic welder
how to use an ultrasonic welder1

Precautions For Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

1. The ultrasonic plastic welder must be fixed to prevent it from falling off (the machine base is provided with screw fixing holes).
2. When carrying and moving the ultrasonic welding machine equipment, pay attention to the up and down slopes due to the weight of the equipment. It is best to have two people in front and back to prevent it from falling.
3. The ultrasonic plastic welding machine operates the start button with both hands, remember not to push the object against the other button.
4. When the upper sonotrode is too heavy and large, lower the main shaft of the machine, and the upper sonotrode is slowly screwed up against the worktable.
5. When setting up the sonotrode, please remember not to turn on the power, or adjust the sonotrode to the state of adjusting the sonotrode, so as to avoid accidentally pressing down and hurting your hand.
6. Remember to check the screws every 6 months to see if there is any looseness, and maintain the equipment in time.

Welding Process Operation Guide

1. Set the selector switch to the automatic position.
2. Place the weldment in the lower mold.
3. According to the welding degree of the weldment and the welding requirements of the process, set the delay time, the welding time, and the cooling time respectively.
4. Perform a sonic inspection to adjust the resonance level to meet the requirements.
5. Press the two start buttons with both hands at the same time, and the upper welding head of the welding machine will drop, according to the preset delay time, welding time and cooling time, ultrasonic vibration, and stop vibration operation are performed for welding, and the workpiece is welded. The welding head automatically rises back to its original position.
6. After the operation is completed, please turn off the power.

how to use an ultrasonic welder3
Common Senses In The Use of Ultrasonic Plastic Welder For Reference Only.

1. The ultrasonic welding machine cannot be put into use immediately after it is powered on (started up). It is necessary to wait for two minutes before testing that the ultrasound is normal before putting it into use;
2.  If the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) cannot pass the test identification during the inspection, please do not continue to use it! Otherwise, valuable components such as transducers will be burned out;
3. Before replacing the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold), you should check whether there is an oxide (usually black or white) at the connection position. If there is, please use 800 grit sandpaper (or finer) to polish it off and wipe it with alcohol; when installing, the mold must be assembled and tightened without any looseness;
4. Ensure that the compressed gas provided is dry and clean, and regularly check whether the inside of the filter on the back of the ultrasonic welding machine is clean (if there is oil pollution, please clean it);
5. The ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) can pass the ultrasonic test, but there is fever during use. No matter how busy it is, stop using it and continue to use it after its natural conditions cool down;
6. For plastic parts with non-special structure (material), please adjust the “delay time” to the moment before the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) touches the plastic parts and starts to emit ultrasonic waves. If only the reaction force triggers the ultrasonic system, please turn the switch to the minimum power trigger point;
7. If you hear abnormal noise when welding plastic parts, please stop working, and check whether the ultrasonic welding head (upper mold) and transducer have cracks or whether they are in good contact with each other. If there is any crack, it must be replaced.
8. It is not advisable to press and hold the sonic detection button for a long time to detect the frequency of the ultrasonic mold; when adjusting the frequency, do not adjust the frequency knob while pressing the ultrasonic test button;

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