How to Choose An Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

Nowadays, ultrasonic plastic welding machines have been widely used in various industries such as automobile industry, toy industry, electronics industry, battery industry, food industry, and non-woven packaging and sealing. Almost all industries that produce or use plastic products need them, so how to choose a suitable ultrasonic welding machine for your project?


The performance advantage of the ultrasonic welding machine depends on the configuration, so product quality is particularly important. A good ultrasonic welding machine can weld plastic parts perfectly, with high precision and high welding efficiency.
The quality of the equipment is reliable, not only the design of the structure and equipment is scientific and reasonable, but also in terms of materials, we use high-quality materials, not only the steel used in the fuselage but also the core components. Such equipment has a low failure rate when in use.

ultrasonic welding mahcine
Ultrasonic Welding Machine Power


Choosing an ultrasonic welding machine requires consideration of power. Each workpiece frequency can generally have several power levels. For example, with an operating frequency of 20kHz, the power range of ultrasonic welding machines is 1-5Kw. Generally speaking, under other conditions being equal, machines with different frequencies will produce different ultrasonic amplitudes and mechanical motion intensities. This also determines that the products suitable for ultrasonic welding machines with different frequencies will be different. Generally, 15khz 20khz ultrasonic welding machines are more suitable for welding large parts, and 40khz welding machines are more suitable for welding precision small components. If you don’t know how to choose the power corresponding to your project, feel free to contact our professional technical team.


A stable product must be a mature product, and the appearance details of the product determine the maturity of the product. The 超声波塑料焊接机 from Knmtech has an atmospheric appearance, uniform color tone, flat and smooth casing, uniform color, firm and reliable casing structure, and high market praise.

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