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For all industries, ultrasonic welding has its unique advantages:

fast, efficient cleaning and firmness,cost-saving, and quickly winning the favor of all walks of life.

Welding with ultrasonic equipment not only brings simplicity and efficiency to our lives but also brings more opportunities to customers.


Automotive Industry

In the automotive manufacturing industry,ultrasonic welding technology plays the vital role,and the effective application of the ultrasonic welding, can not only improve the quality of the automotive parts,but also further improve the level of automotive manufacturing.

ultrasonic welding for Car Industry
ultrasonic welding for medical industry

Medical Industry

In the medical industry, more and more medical products are processed with plastic as raw materials, and high precision and high reliability are guaranteed. Therefore, the welding requirements of medical plastic products are extremely strict. Ultrasonic welding is accurate, efficient, and repeatable, which is a reliable connection solution.


Today, the requirements for battery products are becoming more and more complex, as well as ensuring high-quality production levels and high process safety. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of short time, no damage to the workpiece, and high efficiency. Therefore, ultrasonic welding is widely used in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

ultrasonic welding for new energy
ultrasonic welding for electronics

Electronics Industry

The replacement of electronic and electrical products is fast, and the requirements for welding plastic parts are getting higher and higher. The ultrasonic welding technology has the advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, safety, and no need for auxiliary agents, which meets the high demand of the electronic and electrical industry.

Food Industry

Food plastic packaging not only has a protective effect but also has the function of beautifying the appearance of food.  Plastic is lightweight, and waterproof. Ultrasonic welding is a good helper in the food packaging industry. There is no need to add any adhesive during welding, which is environmentally friendly, low cost, high efficiency, and high precision.

ultrasonic welding for food packaging
ultrasonic welding for home appliances

Consumption Industry

With the rapid development of the consumption industry, the requirements for conventional plastic welding have been continuously improved. There are more and more weldable materials in the consumption industry, and the requirements for welding are getting higher and higher. Firm, sealing, and beautiful plastic welding technology is required.

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