Ultrasonic Welding Used in The Water Filtration Industry

Environmental protection is an important guarantee for sustainable human development. Water purification filtration is also an important part of this.

Whether in life or production, there are requirements for water quality. The water purification filter element is an important accessory in water purification systems. It can be used in daily drinking water and industries such as petroleum, chemicals, energy, food, and medicine.

When we manufacture electric cars, we take measures to clean and recycle water for reuse. The battery needs to filter the positive electrode raw material electrolyte and the negative electrode raw material graphene.Ultrasonic-welding-used-in-the-water-purification-industry

 Filter manufacturing process


Injection molding

Polypropylene has become a good raw material for filter elements because of its Good thermoplasticity, lightweight, and chemical resistance.  Because of our extensive experience and understanding of the chemical properties of polypropylene, polypropylene welding is not difficult for us.  We should inject polypropylene into the mold with an Injection molding machine, and then polish the completed mold smoothly.


Cutting and welding

After completing the mold, place membrane rolls on a multi-layer unwinding machine (feeding rack), pleat it and trim the ends. Finally, weld the end cap and adapter, or lengthen the filter cartridge.


Different types of filter elements require different processes. Different needs require different types of filters. Filters provide our daily clean drinking water, for example, Household water purifiers, and backpacking water filters. The growing ultrasonic technology can help us complete welding more quickly and conveniently and ensure quality.


Ultrasonic welding does not require any adhesive. It uses high-amplitude sonic vibrations to generate frictional heat to complete rapid welding. Welds can withstand high temperatures and high pressures.

While saving costs, the filter element can easily and efficiently adapt to different production environments. These make ultrasonic welding a vital technology in water filtration systems.

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